those small victories

11 days to 51
and what have I done
with all the days
that have come and gone in 2018
not a single day spent on set
so many auditions came and went
with no hope of future success
and that can start
to weigh a guy down after a while
but I will continue to celebrate
those small victories
they continue to fuel
the fire in me
keep me moving forward
believing that maybe
just maybe the next time
will be the one

- redvelvetcliff

just say yes

there are things you do
that open doors
those times you say yes
when you are unsure
sometimes lead to much more
than you ever expected
sometimes it's hard
to get your hopes up
experiencing so much rejection
even though it seems
that door has remained closed
for an eternity
it's always worth the wait
when it finally opens
you'll say to yourself
it was all those times
you said yes
that made it happen

deafening silence

you know you can't stop yourself
from looking at your phone
take comfort in knowing
you are most certainly not alone
afraid you might miss out
on the next big thing
like someone's washing machine
just broke down
someone else got fantastic news
haven't told you what it is
someone can't beat the winter blues
though spring's just a few days in
you look again and realize
how many people you've lost touch with
how many people have lost touch with themselves
I understand now why so many
long to live off the grid
'cause if we keep on living like this
looking at our phones
as if they have all the answers
we will start to forget
what we were looking for in the first place
ironic an invention
designed for communication
would end up creating
such a deafening silence

I guess

I sweat the small stuff
and I say to myself
what the fuck is wrong with you
you know better than to let
unimportant shit get to you
the sun is almost shining
opportunity is almost knocking
almost feeling like
all is right with the world
got more patience these days
than I used to
just wish the something was more
and the nothing was less
can't have everything
when you want it
I guess

heaven knows

stop comparing for comparing is exhausting start creating for creating is liberating frees those ideas trapped inside gives them a chance to have a life of their own where that life may lead heaven knows


best advice
I can give myself right now
focus on the task at hand
get lost in the moment
get over the fact
it rarely goes as planned
these opportunities don't come along
as often as you wish they would
so if you've got the chance to be great
let them see great rather than just good
and no matter what happens
always remember with every single one
of these auditions
you're one step closer
to where you need to be

brilliant ideas

for me a brilliant idea
feels like I've struck gold
and I seriously hope
that feeling never gets old
want to keep having them
those brilliant ideas
make life a brilliant adventure
never get disheartened
those times nothing seems
like a brilliant idea
know the light bulb
will eventually go on
hopefully at just the right time
with a little luck that brilliant idea
will make all my tomorrows shine