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no shriveled leaves on this magnificent tree

gave in to the pang
it's a love hate thing
the powerful addiction
that brings hand to mouth
at a frenetic pace
always on a journey
occasionally off-course
if I were outside myself
would I say this man's a fool
or would I think
he was totally cool
in his obvious disregard
in his rebel yell
that cries more, more, more
he plays russian roulette
yet knows someone else
holds the cards
too predictable to say
I'll turn over a new leaf
on new year's day
let the old one shrivel and die
plant a tree instead
watch it grow
into something that's too magnificent
to ever get cut down

more to love

they didn't want to call their teacher chubby
like it was a fate worse than death
searching for another word, husky came to mind
knew one adjective just didn't apply
made me smile 'cause
always wanted to be a bigger guy
someone a sophisticate might call a lummox
or possibly a slob
if I bent over a little too far
thinking they were hurling insults
less is not always more
when it's plain to see
there's so much more to love

just one kiss

feel like you've given
all that you can give
but there's always something more
sometimes you have to search
deep within to find it
know the struggle gives way
another open door
to breeze through
when I remember love
gives my life meaning
then all is not lost
can't always take myself
there by myself
need another to pick me up
dust me off the shelf
need to not wake up alone
as I so often do
Tracey are you waiting
to hear the words
that are going to
help us pull through
take our love through to spring
who knows what santa
is preparing to bring
here on this crowded train
can't escape the now
don't want life
to be the same old, same old
don't always want
to do as I'm told
when will I again
be the kind of guy
someone would be dying
to be with
when will I again know this
from just one kiss

damsels in distress

good teacher
now I know
these words can be used
to describe me
now I know
I'm doing just
what I'm supposed to be
doing at this time
brilliant moments
in strange circumstances
I came to the rescue
of two damsels in distress
just by being at the right place
at the right time
who knew
a damsel in distress
could make a heineken
taste that good
an after-school party
never touched me so deeply
validation of my power
for a flicker
I was the man of the hour
turned tears into laughter
changed a life forever
created a happily ever after

joy is ripe for the picking

I hear myself telling the students
"keep going", "don't give up"
hear the voice inside saying
practice what you preach
not so easy to teach
an old dog new tricks
I turn on the TV
turn off my brain
shut the blinds
close my eyes
can't always see things
for what they are
then there you are
all shiny and new
my shining star
my brand new son
my eternal reminder
joy is ripe for the picking
so I'm sticking to my guns
in believing
the power I have
to change the lives of others
is the same power I have
to change my own

a sea of black

closed my eyes last night
searched into the hemisphere
for a thought-provoking form
waited desperately
for it to come into view
the sea of black
had no intention
of subsiding
yet sleep didn't take over
'til after 1:30
no more black now
but the fog doesn't feel
that much better
pumping new york dance tracks
pulsating in my phones
making me wish
this weren't my home
know the urban jungle
has its' share of struggles
they're what get you
out of bed in the morning
tuck you in at night
the feeling that you
took the world by storm
in suburbia
doesn't often reach out
grab you by the balls
the feeling now
one of uncertainty
sensing uneasiness in my lover
know what it's like
to get so deep in thought
it's like you're drowning
swimming to the surface
is that embrace
you can't let go of
in the consuming darkness
where all you see is black

mr. number one

tried to make this book
fit back into the bag
but it just wouldn't go
I know better
never try too hard to fit in
it's just plain wrong
although it's nice to fit in
when it all comes together
surrounded by people
who somehow suit you
I'll be bringing
lots of smiles
to people's faces today
getting and giving joy
this once serious boy
he's a world class ham
bit low-brow for some
but when everything fits
he's first place, top notch
mr. number one


by candlelight

writing by candlelight
as the great writers did
listening to the hum
of a generator in the distance
I'm surrounded by darkness
but for the glow
of a single candle
there is a calm
in this soft light
that reminds me
the chaos all around
is a great distraction
I am a slave
of the technological age
these creature comforts
they've become things
we can't live without
but in reality
the things we truly
can't live without
are not turned on
with a button or switch
they're the things
that carry us into the night
the things enhanced
by candlelight
the intimate moments
where our vulnerability shines through
where ferocious spirits
fend their way
through the darkness
carrying us home
when we've gone offcourse
finding the one
who echoes solace
in his words
part of me longs
to remain in this darkness
where I recognize
sometimes I live
in a state of blindness
a musicless void
of carnal desires
in peace will I find
the eternal fire
no one can extinguish
but for I
on this stormy night
by candlelight there wa…

I think I'll give the waterfall a miss

all saints day
evil spirits come OUT
wash off those tattoos
pull off that wig
the good boy needs
his day in the sun
before the torrential rains
saints and sinners
we are all
so much going on
below the surface
we never know
which way to go
a creature of his appetites
usually makes a better argument
but I can still see
where it leads
never much into waterfalls
always preferred
the gentle, flowing streams

getting ready

sometimes I'm so fifteen it's ridiculous
when getting ready to go out
is the biggest thrill
lighting up marlboros in bed
in a crazy mullet and ripped wife beater
getting nuts from my drumstick
in my pubes
a form of adult entertainment
that need not be under-rated
taking those little indulgences
means keeping your sanity
in your thirties
when life's responsibilites
weigh you down
there is always room
for frivolity, debauchery
and my number one favourite


how can a movie
with a happy ending
leave you feeling sad
perhaps it's a life onscreen
offscreen so very few have had
we realize how little
imagination many possess
in the everyday choices
that they make
two tickets to paradise
is often just a package tour
people want to know
what they're getting
afraid to get their feet wet
so they never take the plunge
so I contemplate this sadness
and ask myself why
it wants to cling on
when glimmers of my life
are a movie in the making

settle down

eternally on the prowl
with the biological clock saying
time to settle down
feel those pangs deep within
saying light up another smoke
these addictions we give in to
their ebb and flow
a constant in our lives
making that which can destroy us
seem like the greatest idea on earth
the sway of full hips
that captivate and consume
took over my consciousness
just moments ago
then suddenly stolen from view
what's a boy
with an over-active imagination to do
so much temptation around
let love consume
settle down

best friends

I was deprived
deprived of so many things
did everything right
just staying alive
realize some existences
are just like blindness
eyes wide open
unable to see
what I was missing out on
what could set me free
foolish boy I am
so self-involved
needed to talk about me
for a while
didn't spend enough time
being a child
what I'll pass on to my son
enjoy all the joys
of being young
the medals of youth
soon are stripped away
soon we're living for tomorrow
soon these childhood dreams
we'd beg steal or borrow
to have them back again
when I look back
I realize those dreams
were my very best friends

the greatest caress

the girls are always trying to hook me up
saying they've got the perfect guy for me
I think perfection is over-rated
the perfect style, the perfect bod
so what my man's
not build like a god
he's more one to cuddle up to
on a cold winter's night
he's what my love corner
brought to me
when I said to Jacquie
what I wanted most
was intimacy
still the girls will try to hook me up
'cause I'm a relationship kind of guy
but so is my man
so I'm willing to try
make this long distance thing work
'cause it's more like play
getting together
just enjoying the day
regardless of what others say
no caress is ever as great
as those that lie
in the hands of fate

this cozy space I called home

all of this
soon will disappear from view
this chapter of my life
this serenity I discovered
in this funky character east-side flat
where I became such a passionate lover
well fancy that
still had a chance
explored the things
thought had passed me by
the songs sung
the love made
laid the foundation
soothed the frustration
took me to a world
of deep contemplation
now I contemplate tomorrow
with great anticipation
just a little sorrow
for a part of me
shall remain sweet on this place
this cozy space I called home
will be hard to leave behind

August 27th

top of the morning to ya
watching the brilliance ascending
as we wipe the sleep from our eyes
the dreams that visited us
bore from the euphoric festivities
of the night before
a flurry of bodies
freed in their nakedness
grooving to Heart of Glass
my co-workers sure know how
to shake their collective ass
got dressed up
in freaky costumes
put on a show
for a little free booze
whiskey white wine beer
we toasted the summer
in a completely LRS way
I'm convinced that going crazy
is the height of cool
no need to feel a fool
basking in the brilliance
of me and you
doing what we do best
shaking what our mamas gave us
makes us heaven bound
and heaven blessed

boyfriend material

boyfriend material
snuggle up and see
as you wrap your arms around me
my caress lets you know
I'll still be there
to share the sunrise
the light reflected in my eyes
it's the heartwarming kind
broke a few hearts in my day
let my emotions
get the best of me
then waited what seemed an eternity in between
for the butterflies
to arrive once again
guess it's sort of addictive
sure is five star grand
when it checks into your life
for a repeat performance
could make you take a closer look at me
and when you do
you just might see
boyfriend material
I just might be

why be a realist when you can dream

the realist that is not me
doesn't often see the things others see
I see the sun going down
more than just a sunset
a friday night
that didn't live up to its promise
where is the optimism
that need fill such euphoric times
where is the need to write prose
that invites the sublime
I'm strangely alone
surrounded by love
still a spoiled child
who can't get enough
still can't find quite the right words to express...............
these complex emotions
nevertheless, I'll continue to dream
for the realist that is not me
is so blessed to be able to see
it's dreams that shape
this dreamer's reality


the things that occupy my mind
when I've got
to absolutely be somewhere else
could it be that you hypnotized me
so that I'd never be free
from the longing to have you
in my arms again
when there is so much to inspire me
a new guy in my life
innocently looking up at me
teaching me how to be
a better man
one who understands
the things that occupy my mind
aren't always there to elevate
think they've overstayed their welcome
think I need to get me some
of that mellow summer vibe
the one that makes me feel twice as alive
as the second before
Benjamin teach me
not to pass by but embrace
all the innocence, promise and grace
held within the unmistakable likeness
to your father's face

forever man

ooh that cool evening breeze feels good
dominating the summer heat
heated it up
did I the night
worked up a sweat by candlelight
as you cooled me
soothed me with your seductive whispering
things only joy could bring to me
a spectator no longer
I would be
once the seduction began
the night held much promise
resounding it could be
I could become
your forever man

voluptuous package

spmetimes I want to cry out
marry me
let's leave this cruel world behind
as we run hand in hand
somewhere no one knows our names
surrendering only to freedom
and each other
perhaps you were
that kind of lover to me
perhaps I'll never be free
from these chains
playing over our demise
again and again
wanting desperately for you to read this
and become so desperate to have me
you'd go to the ends of the earth
for just one more kiss
I guarantee it wouldn't be just
a peck on the cheek
who knows where things would lead
if we caved in completely
under a wall of greed
passionate words amazing
how they planted the seed
and my just look at how
those deep desires have grown
how could I have known
I would become so wrapped up
in longing to unwrap
such a voluptuous package

the one who got away

you hear great sadness
in the words people say
about the one who got away
the deep regret
you hear in their voices
implies they've some doubt
about a few of their choices
choices made in haste
when knee-jerk reactions
were all the rage
so easy it is to dream your life away
your dreams deep down
in the wishing well
wishing you knew love
better than when you said
just friends
perhaps there was more to explore
as the months breeze by
just a few remnants remain
tokens of desire
to throw into the wishing well
the charm a love potion doth possess
inhale the sensuousness of that day
you no longer mourn
the one who got away


where are the fireworks
when you really yearn for them
the pretty colours
that light up the night sky
sometimes they exist inside
with the right kind of chemistry
sparks will fly
sadly impossible to indulge
this 4th of July

something blue

made my mind go blank
anxious for the thoughts to return
longing to feel and to yearn
for all that makes me smile
longing all the while
just to have it all come to me
feel I've gone off course
yet not quite sure
where exactly I'm supposed to be
something blue
I fear is visiting
yet what am I afraid of
after all
it's one of my favourite colours

love is sexy

love is sexy
what you exude
when you're in love
makes everyone want a little
of what you've got
grinning from ear to ear
the right jazz chord
bringing a tear to my eye
a flutter in my heart
sunsets more radiant
simple interactions
the most joyous events
I feel those feelings
collecting speed
rolling down a soft grassy hill into summer
drifting off into
the most peaceful of slumbers
wrapped in a blanket of desire
recalling not so long ago experiencing
one of the most tender of kisses
oh what a kiss can do
as my walless imagination
rekindles the fire
so sexy is love
the more it surrounds me
the more I can't get enough

the gospel truth

learning things
sure do like that
learning stimulation exists solely
within my walless imagination
learning missing someone
makes it better
so much better
than having it
without appreciation
the gospel truth
saw it channelled last night
through the divinely inspired voice
of Dee Daniels
remembering I too
have the power to raise the roof
embracing the God within
the good music vibe
I too will testify
to the joy of being alive

Went to the most wonderful gospel concert last night................and definitely went to a higher place.............check out a big reason why........


On what would have been the late Peggy Lee's birthday, a fellow gemini, and one of my all time fave divas, I thought I would post a link to the poem "manhattan" I was actually at Miss Lee's concert in New York back in 92 where I sipped my first one.......I tip my glass to you once again Miss Peggy Lee.......

set happiness free

with a sadness in our souls
we just can't deny
searching for something
yet not quite knowing what it is
searching for a better life
searching for solace
in a pair of gentle hands
taught well how to love
thought to be a gift
sent from above
heavenly things
have been known to arrive
when we don't quite know
how we'll manage to survive
in the circumstance we're in
we can always surrender
the sadness in our souls
surrender it to the breeze
set happiness free

everything old is new again

everything old is new again
even me at 38
rediscovering the things
that make me smile
this is called
good fortune smiling on me
an energy exchange
taking me where I need to be
accepting the current state
as a starting point for exultation
in the hands of fate
I'm being caressed
ever so gently
preparing to be propelled forward
with Earth Wind and Fire
fuelling love's desire
the summer baby returns
his mellow vibe
lighting up the sky
awakening the soul
along the garden path
there's a wishing well
in which the deepest desires dwell
herein lies eternal youth my friend
where everything old
is new again

yours is a face

yours is a face
that visits me vividly
when I close my eyes
how few possess such magic
always has it been
one of life's great mysteries
always been a sucker
for the kind of baby blues
you can't help wanting to contemplate
for hours on end
perhaps we will be lovers
perhaps we'll just be friends
perhaps we're wasting time
trying to find perfection
in another lonely pair of eyes
for yours have visited me before
yours are the ones
I've longed for, dreamt about
inspiring prose
curling my toes
with their scintillating grace
yours is a face
I could grow to love


Saw this very cool, heartwarming film the other day. Got me thinking about altruism and how wacky our world can get when money's involved. Check out the poster.....I think it's brilliant!


then it's gone
brain waves dance
put you in a trance
got on the ride
didn't have to hang on for dear life
has something to do with
voices that don't lead me astray
has something to do with
knowing when to leave
and knowing when to stay
part of the flow
the things you do or do not show
played it strong
when you were falling apart
played it strong
you with your blown apart heart
got through it
cause you know how to flow
how to flourish
how to grow
when life deals you
a crushing blow
it's the only way to go

crossed over

gonna cross the strait
go to the other side
what time did you say it was
420 could mean
might get a little high
there's the slight scent
of tourism in the air
oblivious am I
we've got something in common
we're in vacation mode
and for some
it's a way of life
a state of mind
I sang big spender again last night
as a last minute substitution
wishing I'd been high as a kite
though I was already
bordering on giddy
as the cops walked in
instead of my friends
perhaps I've already
crossed over
to the other side
perhaps that's why
no matter where I am
I always enjoy the ride


suddenly wanted to hear
souvenir by OMD
as I buzzed 2am sunday morning
on red bull, vodka and pot
coming home from
striking out twice
at least I went for the gold
even if it left me cold
now I'm sitting on the can
thinking how I need the feel
of another man
I think now I finally understand
that feeling of going home alone
striking out
in a room full of somebodys
I longed to search into
who was the one
that was contemplating me
guess I'll just have to
wait and see
how the story's
supposed to unfold

constant conundrum

it's that air of mystery I'm sure
that causes things to move
at a snail's pace
also does it
keep the home fires burning
all the more
sitting here sprawled out
belly full of red wine and chocolate eclairs
I know I can have
someone in my bed
when I'm craving something sweet
know short-term satisfaction
never fills the gap
I'm the keeper of the gate
know heaven's worth the wait
for the one who pieces it all together
perhaps it's time
to start the countdown to solving
the constant conundrum
that is me

the man at the water's edge

what other word is there for this
but luxury
watching a man
wrap his arms around his girl
a fifty something
in her one piece sprinting by
contemplating her first dip of the season
at the water's edge
something about sinking
your feet into the sand
warm sun and cool breeze
gentle waves that never end
he's still holding her
the man at the water's edge
I've been that man
the shelter from the storm
the envelopment of love
can't help but wonder
where he is for me
the man at the water's edge


old wounds can open so easily
if you let them
as the feelings come rushing back
I realize that boy is a man now
able to put things into perspective
see things as they are
why was I so ready for love
all those years ago
and now I'm not so sure
when I should let go
get swept away
sometimes I miss that love fool
one who didn't give a flying fuck
if his actions appeared desperate
guess as a twenty something
one so passionate
could really freak a guy out
or piss a guy off
everything was in turmoil
my desire seemed to smooth things out
you know I too
wonder if it passed me by
but it was you
I passed by
not all men are blind
and equally certain is
fateful days like the two
I fell head over heels in love
man oh man
are they few and far between

love and loss

love and loss
makes you realize
all you've got
started my day
lady parked
front of my place
sat in her SUV
bawling her eyes out
resounding over
bridge over troubled water
couldn't help think
it was 'their song'
heard about a mother
just getting started in life
dying in childbirth
another leaving her teenage son
love and loss
thinking about it
makes you hang on
just that little bit tighter
to the ones you love


made in haste
perhaps an indecisive boy like me
need not make them
closing the lines
of communication
maybe it was
the best thing to do
for a while
never meant to hurt you
sometimes I can be a real child
you're still on my mind
in case you didn't know
I am the thinking man's man
after all
maybe that really does mean
I'm your man
just so you know
in case you get the urge
to give me a call
you're worth every single one
of the microwaves
that might lead to cancer
no, I don't have all the answers
but maybe I'm worth
taking a chance on
a little more than most
even if I think
I'm Cary not the kind of boy you marry
It still might be worth it
to take a chance on love

kanji tattoo

wasn't fooled by the promise of a day
wasn't fooled in the least
guess you could say "took the bull by the horns"
so to speak
then today finally went and did
something I'd been longing to do
because I thought it was time
to display to the world
this kid really does have
the absolutely brightest future
wearing a war wound
on a beefy deltoid
that's about to unlock the key
to a different side of me
a little less I need say to you
basically, there's a dreamer shining through
it's not false advertising
this much is true
I wear the truth prominently, passionately
in this here kanji tattoo

......on the day of the pope's death.....


broken connection
now all I have is words
just when I was ready
to bring it all together
useless falling apart
it's only monday, easter monday
so much to say
and a forum to say it
so wordly wise
yet halfway between
complete understanding
and total confusion
on my trip to nowhere
this weekend didn't need
to see loneliness
to know it existed
If I bought
a one-way ticket
to the place where
all my dreams came true
would I still feel like
something was missing
guess that's just me
the boy born to wear brass booties
got his foot in the door
yet nothing more
than the clothes on his back
doth he need to succeed
herein lies the conundrum
how does one with so much
feel like he has so little
why is halfway to stardom
another way to say
stuck in the middle

strange evolution

Strange evolution
spiralled down
then rose from the ashes
let attraction run wild
now I'm numb
filled with sorrow
for eyes that cannot see
they are no use to me
one who feels so deeply
all the nuances of life
remembering he who died
for all of my sins
now I am sure I know
what it means
to be a sinner
forgive me
for I'm still evolving

I'm cary not the kind of boy you marry....

That's me......thinking about how self-indulgent I can be at so many ways......decided that today a healthy way to indulge myself would be to get out the karaoke mike and sing along to some of my 80's faves, including Tears for Fears, Culture Club and Matt well as delving into the 70's with a little James Taylor and even ABBA.....singing is so wonderful.....more people should open their mouths up and belt out their favourite tunes once in a while......I'd say it's one of the best ways of rejoicing there is!

just like everyone else

just like everyone else
it's love I'm searching for
as I let the cool night air in
transcending melancholy
know there's a million things
I could be doing
and sometimes I ask myself
why I'm not doing them
this is not one of those times
this is a time to dream far
linger in the sublime
be one with the universe
is it a crime
not to want what I'm told to want
but long for the opposite instead
even when the possibility
of not having it
sometimes drives me right out of my head
getting driven to distraction
in the art of contemplation
I'm buried so deep
sometimes the sun gets
shrouded from view
and then the darkness envelops
and all I can do
is close my eyes and wait
for the night to subside
just like everyone else
locked in the closet
waiting for love
to unlock the door


came across this little blurb in some class stuff and thought I'd pass it on.....after all.....we all have them!

The word "craving" is almost automatically connected with the word chocolate. Anyone who has ever experienced a chocolate craving knows that nothing else will satisfy. You think about it, dream about it, and would give anything for it. Is it all in your mind? Are you a chocoholic? A craving for chocolate may be due to a lack of the brain chemical serotonin, which can make you feel agitated and depressed. The lift you find after eating chocolate may be a direct result of the added serotonin that you have prescribed for yourself with the purchase of that over-the-counter candy bar.

Cravings may be the body's way of staying in balance. Some researchers believe that whatever you crave is related to something your body might need so it can continue running
efficiently. For example, if you crave salty things like peanuts and potato chips, your body may be e…

the sweetest taboo

you still remain
somewhat of a mystery to me
as I unravel the clues one by one
not too much longer
a mystery you'll be
sade comes to mind
the sweetest taboo
is to call you mine
to be consumed in this way
is how I long to play the game of love
I'm sensing it's my time to win
perhaps if only
by a strange twist of fate
shall I end up in your arms
and not just in cool scenarios
my mind creates

January 6, 1997

it's interesting to go back sometimes and look at some of those old journal entries......before the oh so fashionable world of the blog......

grandiose notions of romance
a spoiled child who got his share
a man who wanked for dollars
until common sense kicked in
you lose much more than you gain
currency often converted
into a dazzling disgusting display
on the twilight city pavement
why not hang on to romance
as long as love will let you
I'll see how far it gets me
if not into your pants
I'll hold a firm keen stance
a spanking in a London hotel
stings and satisfies
for the moment
but a kiss on a Paris train
in your memory
lingers forever

the maze of my imagination

was it as if I were sleepwalking
before I came to the awareness
the circumstances I find myself in
could be the gateway to something more
could walk through that door
in the blue sky of my imagination
could take off my shoes and socks
keep walking until I find
the place where all clouds are left behind
standing alone in the realization
there are brilliant twists and turns
in the maze of my imagination
eyes that sparkle like diamonds
reflecting on the shore of tomorrow
there is joy as easily as there is sorrow
only now I see that treasure chest
full of pirate's ransom as fool's gold
and a vast wealth
in a pair of innocent loving eyes

going for coffee

sitting here at starbucks
feeling like a slave to coffee culture
proof the imagination's gone to pot
saturday night waiting
to remain seated
having coffee with friends
listening to starbuck's preferred music choices
a lot of choices being made for me
it's what we're supposed to want
the easy choices
I spend all week mind expanding
need someone to expand mine
before all it's good for
is going for coffee

my spectacular life

the vibrancy where has it gone
made my world a stage
forgot about the encore
at the end of the day
find myself on a flight of fantasy
in a world where no one
has a clue how to be real
for the things I can't reach out and feel
I find myself longing for
a little too often
sitting in this office chair
letting the body soften
with the joys of inactivity
letting my way with words
get the best of me
yearning for something heavenly
this time it has to be new
re-creation is easy
chasing dreams of the past is tantamount
to closing the door on the future
the vibrancy where has it gone
what kind of question is this
if my world is a stage
surely there is someone dying
to co-star in the smash hit play
that cleverly unfolds to reveal
my spectacular life

so right

he proclaimed with great indignation
"how could anyone love me as I am now"
barely able to look at himself in the mirror
and yet I couldn't help thinking
no more beautiful sight
had I seen or possibly even existed
than what stood before me that very moment
I stood speechless
in wonderment and adorement
so vulnerable to all his addictions
I often wondered
could I become such an object of desire
in this secret cave of ecstacy
few had ever dared to go
there he stood in all his glory
experiencing things
some might view as sin
how can you say such pleasure
dare not begin
when nothing ever felt so right

spring fever

I think they call it
spring fever
as you pick up the receiver
confessing your deepest desires
standing waiting for the train
thousands of sumptuous positions
racing across your brain
been cooped up too long
singing the same old song
time to take it to the bridge
remember fulfilled can be
your every wish
lying on a beach somewhere
tempted by the late afternoon sun
ripe for the picking
and you know someone's close by
eyeing you up and down
dying to make a move
wishing no one else was around
another brother
with a fever for the flavour
every fibre screaming
what you waiting for
for the fever left uncontrolled
will eat you alive for sure


Hey all, Just thought I'd share some karaoke experiences I had the other day. Karaoke, if you may or may not know, came from Japan and over the past 30 some odd years has both tantalised and tortured eardrums around the world. Last night's experience for me did more the latter.

First of all a friend and I decided to check out a place aptly titled the Uranus lounge that was conveniently located near my place. On arriving we were searched and quickly bypassed the"show" lounge to check out the karaoke bar downstairs. As we walked through the door just two inhabited the dark pseudo stylish 80's type lounge. I sensed more than a few travelling salesman had gotten their rocks off over the years with the help of someone named "tammy" or "amber" playing a big part in the explosion. Anyways, one of the people there was a middle aged korean guy pouring his heart out and the other a young slightly rough yet cute female bartender. We were told that we nee…

how do you define wealth?

we invite what we want
into our lives
taking from it
the wealth of experience
that makes us who we are
who is about to
invite me into their life
and make me rich

how do you define wealth?

time used wisely

today between classes decided to do a little writing after the journal correcting.......starting to use my time a little more wisely.....maybe listening to Kate Bush inspired me a little?!

pushed her over
over the edge
on the brink of insanity
she stood on the ledge
all the world her stage
as tall as a skyscraper
unsure of where
the day would take her
would it soon be her turn
to know what it felt like
to take to the sky
make the voices in her head stop
colliding in a resounding scream
waking up drenched in sweat
alas, just a dream

.........then I took a moment to look out my classroom window as the students filtered in

looked out this window in fall
when things weren't so barren
perhaps I didn't see all I could
sometimes that happens
when you don't appreciate
all that is good
we never do
until something distorts our view
squinting to find the beauty
divine appreciation
what I long to discover
total soul salvation

love is a flame

the sentimental heart
such a clinging vine
wistful weeping willow
clinging to feelings
from a love long since dead and gone
raindrops on the trolley bus windows
solemn faces with blank expressions
sure indications
we're in the throws of winter
at times like these
so easy it is to fall
into the arms of the nearest
contemplative passing stranger
bedroom eyes leading me
back to the place that makes
my eyes well up with tears
back to the vulnerability
of a boy who first found love
in the strangest of circumstances
the heart may find it dances
when those old emotions return
for it longs to yearn
for desire it burns for
love is a flame
it burns for you

not this time

Hey, In case you're interested one of my songs is available for download at a site called Star Polish. For all you musicians out there, it's a cool place to showcase your talent. Lord knows us wordsmiths out there need all the help we can get. Come to think of it guys, when was the last time you dropped some spare change in a busker's guitar the immortal words of Sade I say, "When am I gonna make a living, it's gonna take a while before I give in........" Keep plugging away guys you never know when that phone's going to ring!

secret enchanted garden

always had someone there
to make it all seem ok
when love's promise
was less than caresses foretold
I moved on before the story got old
another chapter soon was opened
and I was waking up
in a brand new pair of arms
was the one who weaved his subtle charms
often unaware of the power
he possessed in his lingering kiss
there were so many worlds
that had previously been unexplored
evenings of passion
that could not go ignored
for the flying high and mutually adored
the world's a most luxurious place
longing for the day
when the gates will re-open
to this secret enchanted garden


moving in so many different directions
so many people with no idea
where they're going to
sitting here in quiet reflection
miles davis' soundscape
saying to thineself be true
enjoying a heineken in the afternoon
feeling my pad filling up
with free-flowing improvisation
just another slacker thirty-something
searching for some kind of divine inspiration
in a silent way
all chaos around me eludes me today
no longer living in a world
of dreamless sleeps
surrealism entering my life
yesterday I played the tough guy
in my Texas t-shirt
saying buddy you're not welcome here
standing my ground
until the damsels in distress
could breathe a sigh of relief
could make a man of me yet
blogger on a log


walking in a winter wonderland
with visions of grandeur
so difficult it is to understand
why it can't all be technicolour
filmed in cinemascope
with a song and dance number
like in White Christmas
to make the ordinary extraordinary
soon I'll return to the comfort
of my home sweet home
boot up the computer
see what I can find out in cyberspace
some of the landscapes
aren't such a breath of fresh air
too much searching not enough finding
throwing open the blinds
the sun can be so blinding
to those who forgot
what the light of day looks like
there's a big 'ole world out there to discover
there's a voracious brand new lover
and he'd love to know
the wonderland
of a sumptuous body like yours.......

.........ever been inspired by a hot sexy landscape sprawled out on your crumpled bedsheets?

clear blue sky

Do you ever have one of those heavy feelings hovering over a cumbersome overcoat you long to throw off? I don't know why but I feel like there is so much I need to do and yet I somehow lack the clarity to do it. I think this is what we call frustration. I received a notice of a registered letter I need to pick up from the post office today and since it is usually something bad, here I go expecting the worst. Unlike a Tsunami, these financial headaches we come up against in life hit us yet allow us to go on living......I have become quite a juggler.....I need to bring back that positive vibe and lightness of being. Perhaps I need to boogie down on a dance floor or sing something at the top of my lungs.....perhaps just a good movie will do it. Saw one on the weekend that put a smile on my face, "A Very Long Engagement" starring Audrey Tautou, the whimsical nymph francaise of "Amelie" fame. Here's to hoping you're enjoying your New Year so …


the beckoning kettle
boiling with no whistle
so I linger a little longer
like I've been doing the last couple of days
the clock turned back to zero
I let it linger awhile in no man's land
doing nothing is inevitable
reflecting on whether or not
anything remarkable's occured so far
had a lot of time to think
about the man who considers himself
somewhat of an evolved being
who has he evolved into
void of conviction and ambition
vulnerable has he become
to the birds of prey swooping down
ready to claim their next victim
he swears it won't be him
looking in the mirror
afraid to meet my own gaze
the only conclusion I can draw
being he and I are one and the same
so best drink down
this sleepytime tea
close my eyes and get back on
the long and winding road
that leads all dreams back to me

no midnight kiss

the power to go it alone
the power is mine
this quiet power I've been given
in a room of beautiful people
in a room full of strangers
Bond, James Bond was the theme
not a martini to be found
cans of Canadian beer everywhere
a puke stained bathroom wall
not the bathroom I chose
all is quiet on new year's day
dropped off at 12:21 am
nothing about the night
beckoned me further
met a few more strangers online
enveloped in such apparent loneliness
all I wanted was to be kissed
held and reassured
the world we live in
will unveil mystery and wonderment
peace and contentment
and let me know when it's time to go
relinquish the power to go it alone
they always say you end up with
the one you kiss at midnight
I chose to surround myself
with uncertainty and impossibility
woe is me
he so full of promise
sabotage from here on in
you're a thing of the past
embracing the future
my midnight kiss
might just last a lifetime