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time used wisely

today between classes decided to do a little writing after the journal correcting.......starting to use my time a little more wisely.....maybe listening to Kate Bush inspired me a little?!

pushed her over
over the edge
on the brink of insanity
she stood on the ledge
all the world her stage
as tall as a skyscraper
unsure of where
the day would take her
would it soon be her turn
to know what it felt like
to take to the sky
make the voices in her head stop
colliding in a resounding scream
waking up drenched in sweat
alas, just a dream

.........then I took a moment to look out my classroom window as the students filtered in

looked out this window in fall
when things weren't so barren
perhaps I didn't see all I could
sometimes that happens
when you don't appreciate
all that is good
we never do
until something distorts our view
squinting to find the beauty
divine appreciation
what I long to discover
total soul salvation

love is a flame

the sentimental heart
such a clinging vine
wistful weeping willow
clinging to feelings
from a love long since dead and gone
raindrops on the trolley bus windows
solemn faces with blank expressions
sure indications
we're in the throws of winter
at times like these
so easy it is to fall
into the arms of the nearest
contemplative passing stranger
bedroom eyes leading me
back to the place that makes
my eyes well up with tears
back to the vulnerability
of a boy who first found love
in the strangest of circumstances
the heart may find it dances
when those old emotions return
for it longs to yearn
for desire it burns for
love is a flame
it burns for you

not this time

Hey, In case you're interested one of my songs is available for download at a site called Star Polish. For all you musicians out there, it's a cool place to showcase your talent. Lord knows us wordsmiths out there need all the help we can get. Come to think of it guys, when was the last time you dropped some spare change in a busker's guitar the immortal words of Sade I say, "When am I gonna make a living, it's gonna take a while before I give in........" Keep plugging away guys you never know when that phone's going to ring!

secret enchanted garden

always had someone there
to make it all seem ok
when love's promise
was less than caresses foretold
I moved on before the story got old
another chapter soon was opened
and I was waking up
in a brand new pair of arms
was the one who weaved his subtle charms
often unaware of the power
he possessed in his lingering kiss
there were so many worlds
that had previously been unexplored
evenings of passion
that could not go ignored
for the flying high and mutually adored
the world's a most luxurious place
longing for the day
when the gates will re-open
to this secret enchanted garden


moving in so many different directions
so many people with no idea
where they're going to
sitting here in quiet reflection
miles davis' soundscape
saying to thineself be true
enjoying a heineken in the afternoon
feeling my pad filling up
with free-flowing improvisation
just another slacker thirty-something
searching for some kind of divine inspiration
in a silent way
all chaos around me eludes me today
no longer living in a world
of dreamless sleeps
surrealism entering my life
yesterday I played the tough guy
in my Texas t-shirt
saying buddy you're not welcome here
standing my ground
until the damsels in distress
could breathe a sigh of relief
could make a man of me yet
blogger on a log


walking in a winter wonderland
with visions of grandeur
so difficult it is to understand
why it can't all be technicolour
filmed in cinemascope
with a song and dance number
like in White Christmas
to make the ordinary extraordinary
soon I'll return to the comfort
of my home sweet home
boot up the computer
see what I can find out in cyberspace
some of the landscapes
aren't such a breath of fresh air
too much searching not enough finding
throwing open the blinds
the sun can be so blinding
to those who forgot
what the light of day looks like
there's a big 'ole world out there to discover
there's a voracious brand new lover
and he'd love to know
the wonderland
of a sumptuous body like yours.......

.........ever been inspired by a hot sexy landscape sprawled out on your crumpled bedsheets?

clear blue sky

Do you ever have one of those heavy feelings hovering over a cumbersome overcoat you long to throw off? I don't know why but I feel like there is so much I need to do and yet I somehow lack the clarity to do it. I think this is what we call frustration. I received a notice of a registered letter I need to pick up from the post office today and since it is usually something bad, here I go expecting the worst. Unlike a Tsunami, these financial headaches we come up against in life hit us yet allow us to go on living......I have become quite a juggler.....I need to bring back that positive vibe and lightness of being. Perhaps I need to boogie down on a dance floor or sing something at the top of my lungs.....perhaps just a good movie will do it. Saw one on the weekend that put a smile on my face, "A Very Long Engagement" starring Audrey Tautou, the whimsical nymph francaise of "Amelie" fame. Here's to hoping you're enjoying your New Year so …


the beckoning kettle
boiling with no whistle
so I linger a little longer
like I've been doing the last couple of days
the clock turned back to zero
I let it linger awhile in no man's land
doing nothing is inevitable
reflecting on whether or not
anything remarkable's occured so far
had a lot of time to think
about the man who considers himself
somewhat of an evolved being
who has he evolved into
void of conviction and ambition
vulnerable has he become
to the birds of prey swooping down
ready to claim their next victim
he swears it won't be him
looking in the mirror
afraid to meet my own gaze
the only conclusion I can draw
being he and I are one and the same
so best drink down
this sleepytime tea
close my eyes and get back on
the long and winding road
that leads all dreams back to me

no midnight kiss

the power to go it alone
the power is mine
this quiet power I've been given
in a room of beautiful people
in a room full of strangers
Bond, James Bond was the theme
not a martini to be found
cans of Canadian beer everywhere
a puke stained bathroom wall
not the bathroom I chose
all is quiet on new year's day
dropped off at 12:21 am
nothing about the night
beckoned me further
met a few more strangers online
enveloped in such apparent loneliness
all I wanted was to be kissed
held and reassured
the world we live in
will unveil mystery and wonderment
peace and contentment
and let me know when it's time to go
relinquish the power to go it alone
they always say you end up with
the one you kiss at midnight
I chose to surround myself
with uncertainty and impossibility
woe is me
he so full of promise
sabotage from here on in
you're a thing of the past
embracing the future
my midnight kiss
might just last a lifetime