clear blue sky

Do you ever have one of those heavy feelings hovering over a cumbersome overcoat you long to throw off? I don't know why but I feel like there is so much I need to do and yet I somehow lack the clarity to do it. I think this is what we call frustration. I received a notice of a registered letter I need to pick up from the post office today and since it is usually something bad, here I go expecting the worst. Unlike a Tsunami, these financial headaches we come up against in life hit us yet allow us to go on living......I have become quite a juggler.....I need to bring back that positive vibe and lightness of being. Perhaps I need to boogie down on a dance floor or sing something at the top of my lungs.....perhaps just a good movie will do it. Saw one on the weekend that put a smile on my face, "A Very Long Engagement" starring Audrey Tautou, the whimsical nymph francaise of "Amelie" fame. Here's to hoping you're enjoying your New Year so far and that life exists as a clear blue sky for you as long as it's humanly possible.


Texas Chubby1 said…
The nice blue skies hiding behind the grey stormy clouds! Sometimes we just need a strong wind to blow the clouds away. What brings the clouds? Is it Fear? Whats do we need? We have to face the facts and make some changes. Those winds of changes make the clouds go away and allow us to see the clear blue skies!

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