the beckoning kettle
boiling with no whistle
so I linger a little longer
like I've been doing the last couple of days
the clock turned back to zero
I let it linger awhile in no man's land
doing nothing is inevitable
reflecting on whether or not
anything remarkable's occured so far
had a lot of time to think
about the man who considers himself
somewhat of an evolved being
who has he evolved into
void of conviction and ambition
vulnerable has he become
to the birds of prey swooping down
ready to claim their next victim
he swears it won't be him
looking in the mirror
afraid to meet my own gaze
the only conclusion I can draw
being he and I are one and the same
so best drink down
this sleepytime tea
close my eyes and get back on
the long and winding road
that leads all dreams back to me


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