no midnight kiss

the power to go it alone
the power is mine
this quiet power I've been given
in a room of beautiful people
in a room full of strangers
Bond, James Bond was the theme
not a martini to be found
cans of Canadian beer everywhere
a puke stained bathroom wall
not the bathroom I chose
all is quiet on new year's day
dropped off at 12:21 am
nothing about the night
beckoned me further
met a few more strangers online
enveloped in such apparent loneliness
all I wanted was to be kissed
held and reassured
the world we live in
will unveil mystery and wonderment
peace and contentment
and let me know when it's time to go
relinquish the power to go it alone
they always say you end up with
the one you kiss at midnight
I chose to surround myself
with uncertainty and impossibility
woe is me
he so full of promise
sabotage from here on in
you're a thing of the past
embracing the future
my midnight kiss
might just last a lifetime


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