time used wisely

today between classes decided to do a little writing after the journal correcting.......starting to use my time a little more wisely.....maybe listening to Kate Bush inspired me a little?!

pushed her over
over the edge
on the brink of insanity
she stood on the ledge
all the world her stage
as tall as a skyscraper
unsure of where
the day would take her
would it soon be her turn
to know what it felt like
to take to the sky
make the voices in her head stop
colliding in a resounding scream
waking up drenched in sweat
alas, just a dream

.........then I took a moment to look out my classroom window as the students filtered in

looked out this window in fall
when things weren't so barren
perhaps I didn't see all I could
sometimes that happens
when you don't appreciate
all that is good
we never do
until something distorts our view
squinting to find the beauty
divine appreciation
what I long to discover
total soul salvation


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