walking in a winter wonderland
with visions of grandeur
so difficult it is to understand
why it can't all be technicolour
filmed in cinemascope
with a song and dance number
like in White Christmas
to make the ordinary extraordinary
soon I'll return to the comfort
of my home sweet home
boot up the computer
see what I can find out in cyberspace
some of the landscapes
aren't such a breath of fresh air
too much searching not enough finding
throwing open the blinds
the sun can be so blinding
to those who forgot
what the light of day looks like
there's a big 'ole world out there to discover
there's a voracious brand new lover
and he'd love to know
the wonderland
of a sumptuous body like yours.......

.........ever been inspired by a hot sexy landscape sprawled out on your crumpled bedsheets?


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