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so right

he proclaimed with great indignation
"how could anyone love me as I am now"
barely able to look at himself in the mirror
and yet I couldn't help thinking
no more beautiful sight
had I seen or possibly even existed
than what stood before me that very moment
I stood speechless
in wonderment and adorement
so vulnerable to all his addictions
I often wondered
could I become such an object of desire
in this secret cave of ecstacy
few had ever dared to go
there he stood in all his glory
experiencing things
some might view as sin
how can you say such pleasure
dare not begin
when nothing ever felt so right

spring fever

I think they call it
spring fever
as you pick up the receiver
confessing your deepest desires
standing waiting for the train
thousands of sumptuous positions
racing across your brain
been cooped up too long
singing the same old song
time to take it to the bridge
remember fulfilled can be
your every wish
lying on a beach somewhere
tempted by the late afternoon sun
ripe for the picking
and you know someone's close by
eyeing you up and down
dying to make a move
wishing no one else was around
another brother
with a fever for the flavour
every fibre screaming
what you waiting for
for the fever left uncontrolled
will eat you alive for sure


Hey all, Just thought I'd share some karaoke experiences I had the other day. Karaoke, if you may or may not know, came from Japan and over the past 30 some odd years has both tantalised and tortured eardrums around the world. Last night's experience for me did more the latter.

First of all a friend and I decided to check out a place aptly titled the Uranus lounge that was conveniently located near my place. On arriving we were searched and quickly bypassed the"show" lounge to check out the karaoke bar downstairs. As we walked through the door just two inhabited the dark pseudo stylish 80's type lounge. I sensed more than a few travelling salesman had gotten their rocks off over the years with the help of someone named "tammy" or "amber" playing a big part in the explosion. Anyways, one of the people there was a middle aged korean guy pouring his heart out and the other a young slightly rough yet cute female bartender. We were told that we nee…

how do you define wealth?

we invite what we want
into our lives
taking from it
the wealth of experience
that makes us who we are
who is about to
invite me into their life
and make me rich

how do you define wealth?