Hey all, Just thought I'd share some karaoke experiences I had the other day. Karaoke, if you may or may not know, came from Japan and over the past 30 some odd years has both tantalised and tortured eardrums around the world. Last night's experience for me did more the latter.

First of all a friend and I decided to check out a place aptly titled the Uranus lounge that was conveniently located near my place. On arriving we were searched and quickly bypassed the"show" lounge to check out the karaoke bar downstairs. As we walked through the door just two inhabited the dark pseudo stylish 80's type lounge. I sensed more than a few travelling salesman had gotten their rocks off over the years with the help of someone named "tammy" or "amber" playing a big part in the explosion. Anyways, one of the people there was a middle aged korean guy pouring his heart out and the other a young slightly rough yet cute female bartender. We were told that we needed to pay 5- cover and each buy a drink.....also we needed to share the spotlight with the korean idol on stage.......I had the sneaking suspicion that that last part was going to be the real we got our cover back and headed to the downtown east-side to see what we could see.

Next after parking it seemed like the boys around either wanted to blow us or steal the hubcaps.....was ready to call it a night, but my friend insisted we check out 'the West Pub' for their Star Karaoke......needless to say with the karaoke stage right next to the washroom I was skeptical that any stars would be born that night. In this neighborhood of colourful characters, I felt like I had been transported to some town in the boons where drinking is the only I went to the bar and ordered a heineken....actually I sort of felt like I was like the sophisticated chick in movie Barfly as I looked around to see if a cool beat poet Mickey Rourke might be lurking in a corner somewhere.

Actually, it turned out to be quite a fun experience. Everyone gave it their best shot, even if few notes were on key, and I was able to sing 3 songs in a hour and a half.....Don't you forget about me, Superfreak and Big Spender.......this is where it got scary. After I returned from the washroom where a guy in his motorized wheelchair wiped his pee stained hands on his pants as he backed up from the urinal.....I was ready to sing my song. After shaking my ass and belting out Big Spender I was widely applauded and told by one regular that finally she could hear the song there the way it was meant to be sung....apparently there was a regular there who always sang it. Her name was "Eve". Anyway, shortly after Eve came up to me, shook my hand, and firmly let me know that it was "her" song.....and walked in a huff back to her table. I may be in for a bit of a showdown the next time I go there. Nothing's going to stop me from singin' MY song!


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