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broken connection
now all I have is words
just when I was ready
to bring it all together
useless falling apart
it's only monday, easter monday
so much to say
and a forum to say it
so wordly wise
yet halfway between
complete understanding
and total confusion
on my trip to nowhere
this weekend didn't need
to see loneliness
to know it existed
If I bought
a one-way ticket
to the place where
all my dreams came true
would I still feel like
something was missing
guess that's just me
the boy born to wear brass booties
got his foot in the door
yet nothing more
than the clothes on his back
doth he need to succeed
herein lies the conundrum
how does one with so much
feel like he has so little
why is halfway to stardom
another way to say
stuck in the middle

strange evolution

Strange evolution
spiralled down
then rose from the ashes
let attraction run wild
now I'm numb
filled with sorrow
for eyes that cannot see
they are no use to me
one who feels so deeply
all the nuances of life
remembering he who died
for all of my sins
now I am sure I know
what it means
to be a sinner
forgive me
for I'm still evolving

I'm cary not the kind of boy you marry....

That's me......thinking about how self-indulgent I can be at so many ways......decided that today a healthy way to indulge myself would be to get out the karaoke mike and sing along to some of my 80's faves, including Tears for Fears, Culture Club and Matt well as delving into the 70's with a little James Taylor and even ABBA.....singing is so wonderful.....more people should open their mouths up and belt out their favourite tunes once in a while......I'd say it's one of the best ways of rejoicing there is!

just like everyone else

just like everyone else
it's love I'm searching for
as I let the cool night air in
transcending melancholy
know there's a million things
I could be doing
and sometimes I ask myself
why I'm not doing them
this is not one of those times
this is a time to dream far
linger in the sublime
be one with the universe
is it a crime
not to want what I'm told to want
but long for the opposite instead
even when the possibility
of not having it
sometimes drives me right out of my head
getting driven to distraction
in the art of contemplation
I'm buried so deep
sometimes the sun gets
shrouded from view
and then the darkness envelops
and all I can do
is close my eyes and wait
for the night to subside
just like everyone else
locked in the closet
waiting for love
to unlock the door


came across this little blurb in some class stuff and thought I'd pass it on.....after all.....we all have them!

The word "craving" is almost automatically connected with the word chocolate. Anyone who has ever experienced a chocolate craving knows that nothing else will satisfy. You think about it, dream about it, and would give anything for it. Is it all in your mind? Are you a chocoholic? A craving for chocolate may be due to a lack of the brain chemical serotonin, which can make you feel agitated and depressed. The lift you find after eating chocolate may be a direct result of the added serotonin that you have prescribed for yourself with the purchase of that over-the-counter candy bar.

Cravings may be the body's way of staying in balance. Some researchers believe that whatever you crave is related to something your body might need so it can continue running
efficiently. For example, if you crave salty things like peanuts and potato chips, your body may be e…

the sweetest taboo

you still remain
somewhat of a mystery to me
as I unravel the clues one by one
not too much longer
a mystery you'll be
sade comes to mind
the sweetest taboo
is to call you mine
to be consumed in this way
is how I long to play the game of love
I'm sensing it's my time to win
perhaps if only
by a strange twist of fate
shall I end up in your arms
and not just in cool scenarios
my mind creates

January 6, 1997

it's interesting to go back sometimes and look at some of those old journal entries......before the oh so fashionable world of the blog......

grandiose notions of romance
a spoiled child who got his share
a man who wanked for dollars
until common sense kicked in
you lose much more than you gain
currency often converted
into a dazzling disgusting display
on the twilight city pavement
why not hang on to romance
as long as love will let you
I'll see how far it gets me
if not into your pants
I'll hold a firm keen stance
a spanking in a London hotel
stings and satisfies
for the moment
but a kiss on a Paris train
in your memory
lingers forever

the maze of my imagination

was it as if I were sleepwalking
before I came to the awareness
the circumstances I find myself in
could be the gateway to something more
could walk through that door
in the blue sky of my imagination
could take off my shoes and socks
keep walking until I find
the place where all clouds are left behind
standing alone in the realization
there are brilliant twists and turns
in the maze of my imagination
eyes that sparkle like diamonds
reflecting on the shore of tomorrow
there is joy as easily as there is sorrow
only now I see that treasure chest
full of pirate's ransom as fool's gold
and a vast wealth
in a pair of innocent loving eyes

going for coffee

sitting here at starbucks
feeling like a slave to coffee culture
proof the imagination's gone to pot
saturday night waiting
to remain seated
having coffee with friends
listening to starbuck's preferred music choices
a lot of choices being made for me
it's what we're supposed to want
the easy choices
I spend all week mind expanding
need someone to expand mine
before all it's good for
is going for coffee

my spectacular life

the vibrancy where has it gone
made my world a stage
forgot about the encore
at the end of the day
find myself on a flight of fantasy
in a world where no one
has a clue how to be real
for the things I can't reach out and feel
I find myself longing for
a little too often
sitting in this office chair
letting the body soften
with the joys of inactivity
letting my way with words
get the best of me
yearning for something heavenly
this time it has to be new
re-creation is easy
chasing dreams of the past is tantamount
to closing the door on the future
the vibrancy where has it gone
what kind of question is this
if my world is a stage
surely there is someone dying
to co-star in the smash hit play
that cleverly unfolds to reveal
my spectacular life