just like everyone else

just like everyone else
it's love I'm searching for
as I let the cool night air in
transcending melancholy
know there's a million things
I could be doing
and sometimes I ask myself
why I'm not doing them
this is not one of those times
this is a time to dream far
linger in the sublime
be one with the universe
is it a crime
not to want what I'm told to want
but long for the opposite instead
even when the possibility
of not having it
sometimes drives me right out of my head
getting driven to distraction
in the art of contemplation
I'm buried so deep
sometimes the sun gets
shrouded from view
and then the darkness envelops
and all I can do
is close my eyes and wait
for the night to subside
just like everyone else
locked in the closet
waiting for love
to unlock the door


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