my spectacular life

the vibrancy where has it gone
made my world a stage
forgot about the encore
at the end of the day
find myself on a flight of fantasy
in a world where no one
has a clue how to be real
for the things I can't reach out and feel
I find myself longing for
a little too often
sitting in this office chair
letting the body soften
with the joys of inactivity
letting my way with words
get the best of me
yearning for something heavenly
this time it has to be new
re-creation is easy
chasing dreams of the past is tantamount
to closing the door on the future
the vibrancy where has it gone
what kind of question is this
if my world is a stage
surely there is someone dying
to co-star in the smash hit play
that cleverly unfolds to reveal
my spectacular life


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