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constant conundrum

it's that air of mystery I'm sure
that causes things to move
at a snail's pace
also does it
keep the home fires burning
all the more
sitting here sprawled out
belly full of red wine and chocolate eclairs
I know I can have
someone in my bed
when I'm craving something sweet
know short-term satisfaction
never fills the gap
I'm the keeper of the gate
know heaven's worth the wait
for the one who pieces it all together
perhaps it's time
to start the countdown to solving
the constant conundrum
that is me

the man at the water's edge

what other word is there for this
but luxury
watching a man
wrap his arms around his girl
a fifty something
in her one piece sprinting by
contemplating her first dip of the season
at the water's edge
something about sinking
your feet into the sand
warm sun and cool breeze
gentle waves that never end
he's still holding her
the man at the water's edge
I've been that man
the shelter from the storm
the envelopment of love
can't help but wonder
where he is for me
the man at the water's edge


old wounds can open so easily
if you let them
as the feelings come rushing back
I realize that boy is a man now
able to put things into perspective
see things as they are
why was I so ready for love
all those years ago
and now I'm not so sure
when I should let go
get swept away
sometimes I miss that love fool
one who didn't give a flying fuck
if his actions appeared desperate
guess as a twenty something
one so passionate
could really freak a guy out
or piss a guy off
everything was in turmoil
my desire seemed to smooth things out
you know I too
wonder if it passed me by
but it was you
I passed by
not all men are blind
and equally certain is
fateful days like the two
I fell head over heels in love
man oh man
are they few and far between

love and loss

love and loss
makes you realize
all you've got
started my day
lady parked
front of my place
sat in her SUV
bawling her eyes out
resounding over
bridge over troubled water
couldn't help think
it was 'their song'
heard about a mother
just getting started in life
dying in childbirth
another leaving her teenage son
love and loss
thinking about it
makes you hang on
just that little bit tighter
to the ones you love


made in haste
perhaps an indecisive boy like me
need not make them
closing the lines
of communication
maybe it was
the best thing to do
for a while
never meant to hurt you
sometimes I can be a real child
you're still on my mind
in case you didn't know
I am the thinking man's man
after all
maybe that really does mean
I'm your man
just so you know
in case you get the urge
to give me a call
you're worth every single one
of the microwaves
that might lead to cancer
no, I don't have all the answers
but maybe I'm worth
taking a chance on
a little more than most
even if I think
I'm Cary not the kind of boy you marry
It still might be worth it
to take a chance on love

kanji tattoo

wasn't fooled by the promise of a day
wasn't fooled in the least
guess you could say "took the bull by the horns"
so to speak
then today finally went and did
something I'd been longing to do
because I thought it was time
to display to the world
this kid really does have
the absolutely brightest future
wearing a war wound
on a beefy deltoid
that's about to unlock the key
to a different side of me
a little less I need say to you
basically, there's a dreamer shining through
it's not false advertising
this much is true
I wear the truth prominently, passionately
in this here kanji tattoo

......on the day of the pope's death.....