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On what would have been the late Peggy Lee's birthday, a fellow gemini, and one of my all time fave divas, I thought I would post a link to the poem "manhattan" I was actually at Miss Lee's concert in New York back in 92 where I sipped my first one.......I tip my glass to you once again Miss Peggy Lee.......

set happiness free

with a sadness in our souls
we just can't deny
searching for something
yet not quite knowing what it is
searching for a better life
searching for solace
in a pair of gentle hands
taught well how to love
thought to be a gift
sent from above
heavenly things
have been known to arrive
when we don't quite know
how we'll manage to survive
in the circumstance we're in
we can always surrender
the sadness in our souls
surrender it to the breeze
set happiness free

everything old is new again

everything old is new again
even me at 38
rediscovering the things
that make me smile
this is called
good fortune smiling on me
an energy exchange
taking me where I need to be
accepting the current state
as a starting point for exultation
in the hands of fate
I'm being caressed
ever so gently
preparing to be propelled forward
with Earth Wind and Fire
fuelling love's desire
the summer baby returns
his mellow vibe
lighting up the sky
awakening the soul
along the garden path
there's a wishing well
in which the deepest desires dwell
herein lies eternal youth my friend
where everything old
is new again

yours is a face

yours is a face
that visits me vividly
when I close my eyes
how few possess such magic
always has it been
one of life's great mysteries
always been a sucker
for the kind of baby blues
you can't help wanting to contemplate
for hours on end
perhaps we will be lovers
perhaps we'll just be friends
perhaps we're wasting time
trying to find perfection
in another lonely pair of eyes
for yours have visited me before
yours are the ones
I've longed for, dreamt about
inspiring prose
curling my toes
with their scintillating grace
yours is a face
I could grow to love


Saw this very cool, heartwarming film the other day. Got me thinking about altruism and how wacky our world can get when money's involved. Check out the poster.....I think it's brilliant!


then it's gone
brain waves dance
put you in a trance
got on the ride
didn't have to hang on for dear life
has something to do with
voices that don't lead me astray
has something to do with
knowing when to leave
and knowing when to stay
part of the flow
the things you do or do not show
played it strong
when you were falling apart
played it strong
you with your blown apart heart
got through it
cause you know how to flow
how to flourish
how to grow
when life deals you
a crushing blow
it's the only way to go

crossed over

gonna cross the strait
go to the other side
what time did you say it was
420 could mean
might get a little high
there's the slight scent
of tourism in the air
oblivious am I
we've got something in common
we're in vacation mode
and for some
it's a way of life
a state of mind
I sang big spender again last night
as a last minute substitution
wishing I'd been high as a kite
though I was already
bordering on giddy
as the cops walked in
instead of my friends
perhaps I've already
crossed over
to the other side
perhaps that's why
no matter where I am
I always enjoy the ride


suddenly wanted to hear
souvenir by OMD
as I buzzed 2am sunday morning
on red bull, vodka and pot
coming home from
striking out twice
at least I went for the gold
even if it left me cold
now I'm sitting on the can
thinking how I need the feel
of another man
I think now I finally understand
that feeling of going home alone
striking out
in a room full of somebodys
I longed to search into
who was the one
that was contemplating me
guess I'll just have to
wait and see
how the story's
supposed to unfold