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voluptuous package

spmetimes I want to cry out
marry me
let's leave this cruel world behind
as we run hand in hand
somewhere no one knows our names
surrendering only to freedom
and each other
perhaps you were
that kind of lover to me
perhaps I'll never be free
from these chains
playing over our demise
again and again
wanting desperately for you to read this
and become so desperate to have me
you'd go to the ends of the earth
for just one more kiss
I guarantee it wouldn't be just
a peck on the cheek
who knows where things would lead
if we caved in completely
under a wall of greed
passionate words amazing
how they planted the seed
and my just look at how
those deep desires have grown
how could I have known
I would become so wrapped up
in longing to unwrap
such a voluptuous package

the one who got away

you hear great sadness
in the words people say
about the one who got away
the deep regret
you hear in their voices
implies they've some doubt
about a few of their choices
choices made in haste
when knee-jerk reactions
were all the rage
so easy it is to dream your life away
your dreams deep down
in the wishing well
wishing you knew love
better than when you said
just friends
perhaps there was more to explore
as the months breeze by
just a few remnants remain
tokens of desire
to throw into the wishing well
the charm a love potion doth possess
inhale the sensuousness of that day
you no longer mourn
the one who got away


where are the fireworks
when you really yearn for them
the pretty colours
that light up the night sky
sometimes they exist inside
with the right kind of chemistry
sparks will fly
sadly impossible to indulge
this 4th of July