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boyfriend material

boyfriend material
snuggle up and see
as you wrap your arms around me
my caress lets you know
I'll still be there
to share the sunrise
the light reflected in my eyes
it's the heartwarming kind
broke a few hearts in my day
let my emotions
get the best of me
then waited what seemed an eternity in between
for the butterflies
to arrive once again
guess it's sort of addictive
sure is five star grand
when it checks into your life
for a repeat performance
could make you take a closer look at me
and when you do
you just might see
boyfriend material
I just might be

why be a realist when you can dream

the realist that is not me
doesn't often see the things others see
I see the sun going down
more than just a sunset
a friday night
that didn't live up to its promise
where is the optimism
that need fill such euphoric times
where is the need to write prose
that invites the sublime
I'm strangely alone
surrounded by love
still a spoiled child
who can't get enough
still can't find quite the right words to express...............
these complex emotions
nevertheless, I'll continue to dream
for the realist that is not me
is so blessed to be able to see
it's dreams that shape
this dreamer's reality


the things that occupy my mind
when I've got
to absolutely be somewhere else
could it be that you hypnotized me
so that I'd never be free
from the longing to have you
in my arms again
when there is so much to inspire me
a new guy in my life
innocently looking up at me
teaching me how to be
a better man
one who understands
the things that occupy my mind
aren't always there to elevate
think they've overstayed their welcome
think I need to get me some
of that mellow summer vibe
the one that makes me feel twice as alive
as the second before
Benjamin teach me
not to pass by but embrace
all the innocence, promise and grace
held within the unmistakable likeness
to your father's face

forever man

ooh that cool evening breeze feels good
dominating the summer heat
heated it up
did I the night
worked up a sweat by candlelight
as you cooled me
soothed me with your seductive whispering
things only joy could bring to me
a spectator no longer
I would be
once the seduction began
the night held much promise
resounding it could be
I could become
your forever man