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the greatest caress

the girls are always trying to hook me up
saying they've got the perfect guy for me
I think perfection is over-rated
the perfect style, the perfect bod
so what my man's
not build like a god
he's more one to cuddle up to
on a cold winter's night
he's what my love corner
brought to me
when I said to Jacquie
what I wanted most
was intimacy
still the girls will try to hook me up
'cause I'm a relationship kind of guy
but so is my man
so I'm willing to try
make this long distance thing work
'cause it's more like play
getting together
just enjoying the day
regardless of what others say
no caress is ever as great
as those that lie
in the hands of fate

this cozy space I called home

all of this
soon will disappear from view
this chapter of my life
this serenity I discovered
in this funky character east-side flat
where I became such a passionate lover
well fancy that
still had a chance
explored the things
thought had passed me by
the songs sung
the love made
laid the foundation
soothed the frustration
took me to a world
of deep contemplation
now I contemplate tomorrow
with great anticipation
just a little sorrow
for a part of me
shall remain sweet on this place
this cozy space I called home
will be hard to leave behind

August 27th

top of the morning to ya
watching the brilliance ascending
as we wipe the sleep from our eyes
the dreams that visited us
bore from the euphoric festivities
of the night before
a flurry of bodies
freed in their nakedness
grooving to Heart of Glass
my co-workers sure know how
to shake their collective ass
got dressed up
in freaky costumes
put on a show
for a little free booze
whiskey white wine beer
we toasted the summer
in a completely LRS way
I'm convinced that going crazy
is the height of cool
no need to feel a fool
basking in the brilliance
of me and you
doing what we do best
shaking what our mamas gave us
makes us heaven bound
and heaven blessed