the greatest caress

the girls are always trying to hook me up
saying they've got the perfect guy for me
I think perfection is over-rated
the perfect style, the perfect bod
so what my man's
not build like a god
he's more one to cuddle up to
on a cold winter's night
he's what my love corner
brought to me
when I said to Jacquie
what I wanted most
was intimacy
still the girls will try to hook me up
'cause I'm a relationship kind of guy
but so is my man
so I'm willing to try
make this long distance thing work
'cause it's more like play
getting together
just enjoying the day
regardless of what others say
no caress is ever as great
as those that lie
in the hands of fate


Brandon said…
Hey, I stumbled across your blog and really rleated to the messages in your poetry. I bet you can relate to this poem I wrote last month. If so, you might want to check out my blog also:

* * *
It lately hasn't bothered me as much
That I will never have a gorgeous man,
Tall, blonde, athletic, muscular and tan,
The sort that perfect strangers want to touch.

The energy approaches, sure but slow,
Of someone quiet, musical and kind,
A man whom I can trust to speak his mind
Whom I will fall in love with at "Hello."

"Bei gott im himmel, you're him, you're the one!"
I'll say, for Truth withstands the test of speech.
And, though he may not say the thing out loud,
He'll think it, and no man will be allowed
To break us or our virtue to impeach.
It's then my life, at last, will have begun.
thecliffhanger said…
I like your writing style and your frankness. Glad you stumbled upon my blog.

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