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settle down

eternally on the prowl
with the biological clock saying
time to settle down
feel those pangs deep within
saying light up another smoke
these addictions we give in to
their ebb and flow
a constant in our lives
making that which can destroy us
seem like the greatest idea on earth
the sway of full hips
that captivate and consume
took over my consciousness
just moments ago
then suddenly stolen from view
what's a boy
with an over-active imagination to do
so much temptation around
let love consume
settle down

best friends

I was deprived
deprived of so many things
did everything right
just staying alive
realize some existences
are just like blindness
eyes wide open
unable to see
what I was missing out on
what could set me free
foolish boy I am
so self-involved
needed to talk about me
for a while
didn't spend enough time
being a child
what I'll pass on to my son
enjoy all the joys
of being young
the medals of youth
soon are stripped away
soon we're living for tomorrow
soon these childhood dreams
we'd beg steal or borrow
to have them back again
when I look back
I realize those dreams
were my very best friends