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joy is ripe for the picking

I hear myself telling the students
"keep going", "don't give up"
hear the voice inside saying
practice what you preach
not so easy to teach
an old dog new tricks
I turn on the TV
turn off my brain
shut the blinds
close my eyes
can't always see things
for what they are
then there you are
all shiny and new
my shining star
my brand new son
my eternal reminder
joy is ripe for the picking
so I'm sticking to my guns
in believing
the power I have
to change the lives of others
is the same power I have
to change my own

a sea of black

closed my eyes last night
searched into the hemisphere
for a thought-provoking form
waited desperately
for it to come into view
the sea of black
had no intention
of subsiding
yet sleep didn't take over
'til after 1:30
no more black now
but the fog doesn't feel
that much better
pumping new york dance tracks
pulsating in my phones
making me wish
this weren't my home
know the urban jungle
has its' share of struggles
they're what get you
out of bed in the morning
tuck you in at night
the feeling that you
took the world by storm
in suburbia
doesn't often reach out
grab you by the balls
the feeling now
one of uncertainty
sensing uneasiness in my lover
know what it's like
to get so deep in thought
it's like you're drowning
swimming to the surface
is that embrace
you can't let go of
in the consuming darkness
where all you see is black

mr. number one

tried to make this book
fit back into the bag
but it just wouldn't go
I know better
never try too hard to fit in
it's just plain wrong
although it's nice to fit in
when it all comes together
surrounded by people
who somehow suit you
I'll be bringing
lots of smiles
to people's faces today
getting and giving joy
this once serious boy
he's a world class ham
bit low-brow for some
but when everything fits
he's first place, top notch
mr. number one


by candlelight

writing by candlelight
as the great writers did
listening to the hum
of a generator in the distance
I'm surrounded by darkness
but for the glow
of a single candle
there is a calm
in this soft light
that reminds me
the chaos all around
is a great distraction
I am a slave
of the technological age
these creature comforts
they've become things
we can't live without
but in reality
the things we truly
can't live without
are not turned on
with a button or switch
they're the things
that carry us into the night
the things enhanced
by candlelight
the intimate moments
where our vulnerability shines through
where ferocious spirits
fend their way
through the darkness
carrying us home
when we've gone offcourse
finding the one
who echoes solace
in his words
part of me longs
to remain in this darkness
where I recognize
sometimes I live
in a state of blindness
a musicless void
of carnal desires
in peace will I find
the eternal fire
no one can extinguish
but for I
on this stormy night
by candlelight there wa…

I think I'll give the waterfall a miss

all saints day
evil spirits come OUT
wash off those tattoos
pull off that wig
the good boy needs
his day in the sun
before the torrential rains
saints and sinners
we are all
so much going on
below the surface
we never know
which way to go
a creature of his appetites
usually makes a better argument
but I can still see
where it leads
never much into waterfalls
always preferred
the gentle, flowing streams

getting ready

sometimes I'm so fifteen it's ridiculous
when getting ready to go out
is the biggest thrill
lighting up marlboros in bed
in a crazy mullet and ripped wife beater
getting nuts from my drumstick
in my pubes
a form of adult entertainment
that need not be under-rated
taking those little indulgences
means keeping your sanity
in your thirties
when life's responsibilites
weigh you down
there is always room
for frivolity, debauchery
and my number one favourite


how can a movie
with a happy ending
leave you feeling sad
perhaps it's a life onscreen
offscreen so very few have had
we realize how little
imagination many possess
in the everyday choices
that they make
two tickets to paradise
is often just a package tour
people want to know
what they're getting
afraid to get their feet wet
so they never take the plunge
so I contemplate this sadness
and ask myself why
it wants to cling on
when glimmers of my life
are a movie in the making