by candlelight

writing by candlelight
as the great writers did
listening to the hum
of a generator in the distance
I'm surrounded by darkness
but for the glow
of a single candle
there is a calm
in this soft light
that reminds me
the chaos all around
is a great distraction
I am a slave
of the technological age
these creature comforts
they've become things
we can't live without
but in reality
the things we truly
can't live without
are not turned on
with a button or switch
they're the things
that carry us into the night
the things enhanced
by candlelight
the intimate moments
where our vulnerability shines through
where ferocious spirits
fend their way
through the darkness
carrying us home
when we've gone offcourse
finding the one
who echoes solace
in his words
part of me longs
to remain in this darkness
where I recognize
sometimes I live
in a state of blindness
a musicless void
of carnal desires
in peace will I find
the eternal fire
no one can extinguish
but for I
on this stormy night
by candlelight there was a blackout at work and as candles did abound, my environment was once again transformed and I found myself longing once again for a more simple time..........and yet in that age, how could you read this?


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