a sea of black

closed my eyes last night
searched into the hemisphere
for a thought-provoking form
waited desperately
for it to come into view
the sea of black
had no intention
of subsiding
yet sleep didn't take over
'til after 1:30
no more black now
but the fog doesn't feel
that much better
pumping new york dance tracks
pulsating in my phones
making me wish
this weren't my home
know the urban jungle
has its' share of struggles
they're what get you
out of bed in the morning
tuck you in at night
the feeling that you
took the world by storm
in suburbia
doesn't often reach out
grab you by the balls
the feeling now
one of uncertainty
sensing uneasiness in my lover
know what it's like
to get so deep in thought
it's like you're drowning
swimming to the surface
is that embrace
you can't let go of
in the consuming darkness
where all you see is black


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