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no shriveled leaves on this magnificent tree

gave in to the pang
it's a love hate thing
the powerful addiction
that brings hand to mouth
at a frenetic pace
always on a journey
occasionally off-course
if I were outside myself
would I say this man's a fool
or would I think
he was totally cool
in his obvious disregard
in his rebel yell
that cries more, more, more
he plays russian roulette
yet knows someone else
holds the cards
too predictable to say
I'll turn over a new leaf
on new year's day
let the old one shrivel and die
plant a tree instead
watch it grow
into something that's too magnificent
to ever get cut down

more to love

they didn't want to call their teacher chubby
like it was a fate worse than death
searching for another word, husky came to mind
knew one adjective just didn't apply
made me smile 'cause
always wanted to be a bigger guy
someone a sophisticate might call a lummox
or possibly a slob
if I bent over a little too far
thinking they were hurling insults
less is not always more
when it's plain to see
there's so much more to love

just one kiss

feel like you've given
all that you can give
but there's always something more
sometimes you have to search
deep within to find it
know the struggle gives way
another open door
to breeze through
when I remember love
gives my life meaning
then all is not lost
can't always take myself
there by myself
need another to pick me up
dust me off the shelf
need to not wake up alone
as I so often do
Tracey are you waiting
to hear the words
that are going to
help us pull through
take our love through to spring
who knows what santa
is preparing to bring
here on this crowded train
can't escape the now
don't want life
to be the same old, same old
don't always want
to do as I'm told
when will I again
be the kind of guy
someone would be dying
to be with
when will I again know this
from just one kiss

damsels in distress

good teacher
now I know
these words can be used
to describe me
now I know
I'm doing just
what I'm supposed to be
doing at this time
brilliant moments
in strange circumstances
I came to the rescue
of two damsels in distress
just by being at the right place
at the right time
who knew
a damsel in distress
could make a heineken
taste that good
an after-school party
never touched me so deeply
validation of my power
for a flicker
I was the man of the hour
turned tears into laughter
changed a life forever
created a happily ever after