just one kiss

feel like you've given
all that you can give
but there's always something more
sometimes you have to search
deep within to find it
know the struggle gives way
another open door
to breeze through
when I remember love
gives my life meaning
then all is not lost
can't always take myself
there by myself
need another to pick me up
dust me off the shelf
need to not wake up alone
as I so often do
Tracey are you waiting
to hear the words
that are going to
help us pull through
take our love through to spring
who knows what santa
is preparing to bring
here on this crowded train
can't escape the now
don't want life
to be the same old, same old
don't always want
to do as I'm told
when will I again
be the kind of guy
someone would be dying
to be with
when will I again know this
from just one kiss


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