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love is my chastity belt

if I could trace my footsteps
back to the place where I first found love
would I look any further
could I realize it was enough
sometimes the past
it returns to haunt us
taunt us, flaunt in front of us
that which passed us by
thankfully opportunity
comes knocking on countless occasions
too many times I've answered the door
underdressed and underprepared
left a few shell-shocked
and running scared for their lives
even watched one run crying back to his wife
yeah, I'm a man in a boys world
but just a weak as any other human
sometimes have that overwhelming urge
to give into temptation
yet something always stops me
love is my chastity belt
for the deepest emotions to penetrate
are always the most deeply felt

goodbye blues

wearing the skinny jeans
feels oddly good
as the sun has returned
I've recaptured my youth
recaptured the dreams that got me this far
all with a smile of satisfaction on my face
shaved the beard to a goatee
and coloured away the grey
now I feel this is how 38 should be
for a while it was my age and my waist size
still a commanding prescence
perhaps even more so
the familiar destinations somehow feel new
possibilities for the future
soon to be dreams come true
for my soul is empty without them
the weekend couldn't have come a moment sooner
and though I'm missing you more than ever
feels oddly wonderful
not to be at the end of my tether
when the wait is long
for starting my life anew
starting with this carefree state of mind
it's gonna do just the trick
yeah, I've made up my mind
it's time to leave the blues behind

surprise me

want surprises more than most
surprise me
then I won't spend valentine's alone
remind me what a romantic sap I can be
remind me I am somebody
who knows what the word romance means
show me another
who's in love with love
show me what a fool in love can do
one who'd go to the ends of the earth
to be with his lover true
make me believe in forever
maybe it's an uncontrollable need
perhaps it's just pure greed
that won't allow me to be satisfied
with short fleeting moments of luxury
let's make what I do to you
and what you do to me
the reason for us to believe
in eternity

...............and I'm not talkin' a fragrance from calvin klein


so much blue sky
can't help but make one a better person
a getaway that started out stormy
and ended on Alki beach in the beaming afternoon sun
saw a different side of more than just Seattle
saw my valentine in a more romantic light
saw the sleepy me drifting off effortlessly
waking up to the indulgence of bountiful breakfasts
remembering what mornings are for
they're all about making love
nothing more