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find the passion

put your passion somewhere
it will flourish
nourish the spirit
make the mundane
an event to remember
I'm a little september
as may's just about to begin
this creature of lust
needs to part with his melancholy
keep it fresh
begin a whole new story
play the hero
as well as the protagonist
what the gemini does best
let it in and let it out
show young lovers
what it's all about
say hello to freeflow
it's all I know
thinking thinking thinking
and it's all trivial shit
to hell with it
find the passion
and no thinking's required

tapestry of sensuality

you have been kissed
in a most unconventional way
words have the power
to weave a web of desire
when you're so obviously
just standing there
beckoning to be taken
the gentle sway of the trees
foreshadowing the potential
of being swept away
not like in a harlequin romance
more of an Oscar Wildean seduction
succumbing to things
that are sadly still taboo
you've got lips
that call the sailors home
and a tapestry of sensuality
you sometimes wish
you didn't always get so wrapped up in
for in a biblical sense
it so often leads to sin
but what's a sinner to do
know the answer
if it were up to you
your words could just as easily
wrap me
in your tapestry of sensuality too

ode to a journey I'd weather any storm for

an all too familiar journey
seems to usually have
that kind of effect
pretty stimulating day
a highlight
saying beep beep
to get Ben to open up and eat
playing peekaboo
to watch his cute babyface light up
the way no other can
my little man
growing up before my eyes
all the changes
that make the mundane thrilling
and an exciting day
all the more exhilirating
on an all too familiar journey
back from somewhere
I'd traverse the universe to be

the inner voice

from brooklyn heights
to the lower east side
once waxed poetic
once exuded charm magnetic
became who I was meant to be
back in the early 90s
where I never thought about
consequences or the risks involved
all I was was a free spirit
needing to be free
to get lost in the crowd
or have the balls to stand out
when the mood shouted
get off your ass
cause that's where I needed to be
wasted time being frustrated
not having an opinion
being wishy-washy and vacuous
but could I look back
at that man in the mirror
and still hold my head up high
closing in on 40
sometimes look in the mirror
not liking what I see
this faded glory
it's someone else's story
contemplating getting back up
on that stage again
after all it seems
it's basically what I do
come alive
in this season brand new
hearing the words out loud
a recognition
of the long-awaited choice
to rediscover the inner voice