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the destructiveness of sameness

the destructiveness of sameness
today feeling like
just another day
not the way
I want to live my life
5 more days of 38 to go
patience wearing thin
on the time it takes
figuring out all I do not know
on my way back from the city
want to do this
all in reverse
get all dressed up
for a black tie affair
just to say I was there
done it all before
wasn't all that that's for sure
but it's better than
the lameness I call
the destructiveness of sameness


they started things
and ended them
made them great
and also wove
a web of confusion
yet I need them
to make it alright
help me make sense of it all
when the other choice
is the kind of chaos
that leaves aimless thought
to fend for itself
putting pen to paper
shouldn't be such
an arduous task
for a writer like me
shouldn't it set me free
too damn deep
in this world
I've created for myself
too often like a book
stuck on the shelf
collecting dust
better dust myself off
if for no other reason
but to find
what others never fail to see
the subtle charisma
drawing you to me
impossible to describe
these things with words
yet I'm compelled to try
even in states of bliss
I question why
when I'm in the moment
why now
and how do I get by
when these moments
are few and far between