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finding peace

I've got that desire Tracey had
where I feel the need
to be near the ocean
but I don't want to go there alone
don't want to be there alone
realize everyone around me
wishes they had more time alone
this place I live alone
it's someone else's home
somewhere someone else is dying to live
a place for two in love
to make their brand new home
two who were once alone
who somehow found each other
through a parting of the trees
a breathtaking view brought them to their knees
took them on a spectacular journey
to the 4 corners of the world
and now they are back and no longer feel
the need to get away
may arrive on this doorstep
look no further decide this is forever
maybe I need to find my forever
look out onto the dark, brooding ocean
the way Tracey does every single day
that we are apart
maybe the view gets enhanced
looking through the eyes of someone
who finds as much peace in nature
as he does enveloped in my loving arms

the perfect elixir for the blues

can't quite put my finger on what it is
that brings on a feeling of emptiness
could it be a film that clearly showed
the destruction corporations and the heartless can do
could it be the chill in the air
the taste of infection in my mouth
the lack of smiles around me
really need summer to get me through the rest of the year
want to capture that summer feeling and bottle it
the perfect elixir for the blues
know it already comes in a pill
but why make the corporations rich
when you can go outside and get it for free

devoted daughter

devoted daughter
once daddy's little girl
at the end of the road
she's always there
to make sure
pills are taken
appointments aren't missed
she generously forgives
yet never forgets
thinks about her own
grown up kids
how she made it this far
to grandmotherhood
still bewilders
despite the sacrifices
she's one of the fortunate few
who knew
those now seemingly
insignificant sacrifices
would all be worth it in the end

sunbeam smile

getting to that age
where it's all about the getaway
the blue sky fades to grey
the majesty is gone
yesterday Ben turned one
sang happy birthday to my beautiful son
now so rare it is to utter the words
hey, it's all about me
I've gotten to that age
where everything shifts
where continuing to drift
doesn't make sense
still looking forward to the last hurrah
equally looking forward to
July 26th, 2007
not singing happy birthday
on speaker phone
singing it the way it was meant to be sung
with every ounce
of heart and soul I've got
and though sometimes it seems
like it's not a lot
it's more than enough
to bring that sunbeam smile
to my little one's face


Actually the following is a poem my guy wrote while we were at the beach this weekend.........canada day at acadia beach to be precise...........those regal herons still linger in my many times a day do they eat........does anyone know? I will write some inspired prose again I hope.........otherwise it's time for tom dooley to hang his head down and...............

aqua-marine if you prefer
sky blue white
mist in the distance
cobalt blue mountains
rising from the water
triangles floating across the horizon
hints of clouds breezing along
rocks lapping at the shore
parabolas and sign curves abound
all combine to create

............always knew he had it in him, my cuddly math teacher.............boys and girls, it's really just a matter of putting pen to I just have to practice what I preach!