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white Ts

white Ts
sometimes outline ecstacy
tight is best
making love to the sumptuous offspring
of a voluptuous chest
curves are the cream in my coffee
the animal in my magnetism
drawn to you like a dali insane
every breath caught in a tornado
trapped in anguish
for I can never be free
from the torment of never knowing
the luxury held
beneath your tight white T

beautiful is the man in the mirror

a definition of beauty
the one that looks back at you in the mirror
and says you are beautiful
just as you are
all your imperfections
all your flaws
all your curves
that don't exist on the folks in the magazines
telling us we need to do what they do
to be beautiful
but there's one thing I can't deny
the guy staring back at me in the mirror
never lies

lingering looks

why do we seem to look away
for fear of looking uncool
fear of looking like a fool
something I'm prepared to do
in front of Ben
why can't we let the looks
linger a little longer
let the feelings become
a little stronger
can't let the surroundings
become all-consuming
but I fear
if I look away too long
I'll suddenly look back
and the moment is gone

the dull ache

the dull ache of the root canal
feels like the after-effects
of a punch in the face
know even this time tomorrow
I'll not be holding you
there's nothing to console
sitting here on the train
with a hungry belly
and a sleepy brain
anticipating the appeasement of desire
somehow just makes me tired
but I can't complain
for this day's had its share
of warm fuzzy moments
and know as your lover
I'm the one to bring them home to you
perhaps the dull ache I feel
is the same as the one you feel
in your heart

where's the music when you need it

some fuck-up
swearing his head off
makes me wish
I'd recharged the mp3 player last night
in one of those don't know what I want
kind of moods
but soon after I lie down
know I won't want for anything else