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today feels like a good day
to start at the end of the line
Millenium that is
so what I've been sitting
on my ass all day
got to have a seat on the train
travelling back
love the serendipitous experience I had
on my way to pizza with Robyn
a box of used CDs left for passersby
waiting for the right people to find them
fortunately they got their wish
two musicians looking for all the inspiration
they can find
hoping for enough time
to reflect on all that's gone by
the next station is always a little closer
to where we want to be

hardly hardship

a little inclement weather
has got everyone in a tizzy
everything seems twice as hard
but do we really know
the true meaning of hardship
can't say I do living in a land
that hasn't been torn apart
by war or famine
the struggles we face as a nation
are always temporary
yet where is the optimism
the humour in the face of adversity
it's inevitable it's going to return
the moment we walk through the door
at the end of the day
off come the boots, coats and scarves
all we've bundled ourselves up in
soon the rain will come again
there we will be again
with something new to complain about
what about that which needs
the real calling attention to
the fact we've got food on the table
roofs over our heads
always a light
at the end of every tunnel
the incredible luxury of being able to be
you and me
living the lives
we choose to lead

what DOES heaven look like?

so want him to see this
this kind of majesty
making everything seem pristine
before it all turns to slush
sure it's freezing outside
almost too cold
for snowangels and snowballs
my little ones
one too little to know what it's all about
the other I'm sure
dying of curiosity
is this what heaven looks like
we've got a lifetime
to figure it out

snowed in

travelling from fall into winter
as we approach Everett
the dustings of snow
are starting to become heavy blankets
this morning your baby takes the morning train
back to his country
back to life as he left it
gazing in wonderment out the window
letting the real me shine through today
arriving fashionably late
all in black
looking at the in-love couple across from me
lost in the luxury of being in love
reflecting back on the moments
not so long ago
I too basked in such glory
looking forward to continuing the story
getting snowed in with you this winter
all over again

November 22nd

numerically this day is absolute perfection
this day my most empoverished of the year
it's all about the two
the couples and the little ones
that make up the six
six degrees of separation
connecting us to everyone else
want to stop letting
the little things get to me
so I can appreciate the little things that count
like sitting here on this train
feeling like a first-class citizen
going home for the holidays
holidays I've never celebrated before
my second Thanksgiving
with double the appreciation
there's an excitement in the air
that rises above this dismal November day
and above all there is love
perhaps the kind you need
to get out a hanky for
and after the tears are wiped away
I just might be finally ready to let go and say
this love is here to stay


boundaries mean
unchartered territory
goes unexplored
a soul unveiled
reveals a new form of intimacy
something deeply kindred
in sharing the deepest of feelings
perhaps we went somewhere tonight
we've never been before
perhaps once again this place
is destined to be explored

............thank you Chris for opening up your journals to me.

chance encounters

chance encounters with the past
things so feverently felt
things that reality reveals to be
much less than the imagination
built them up to be
nothing looks the same in the light
when the clothes are on
the truth lies hidden
you might say to yourself
who could love all this
all that and more my friend
all that and more
in the right circumstance
the heart may dance
if not for simply one
chance encounter

in a new york minute

just enough sunlight
falling on this page
just enough steely dan
coming out of the stereo
almost enough to make me feel better
about my situation
not quite enough to let the malaise go
I'm part of the "me" generation
so I guess it's natural
to always want for more
without wanting to work for it
never enough of the sumthin' sumthin'
that takes one to the next level
just enough of what I don't want
to make the bad days seem unbearable
so I can't say today
I'm welcoming november with open arms
even with all its kaleidoscopic beauty
lain out before me
there's a beach somewhere
awaiting my arrival
all I need is just enough cash to get me there
and you know I'm there
in a new york minute

my turbulent friend

are thoughts
so far off deeds
the impulse to commit
sins of the flesh
lustful verbal assaults
alive on all saints day
downed a few guinness
yesterday afternoon
but that's where the decadence ends
now I can say it's money
that stops me and saves me
from being me
my evil twin thinks I've become boring
but it's just one point of view
goodness always prevails in the end
my turbulent friend