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happy monday

cocktail hour on monday afternoon
4 buds for 10 bucks
3 hours teaching
driving me to drink
perhaps it's a slight exaggeration
should be feeling
more on top of the world
but I'm not quite there
just heavy and lethargic
full of cheap beer
and elegant appetizers
grateful it's not the monday
most are experiencing
and certain 2007
holds very few of those mondays for me

old emotions

old emotions resurface
with a new complexity
slightly unsettling
you remain unphased and I wonder
how I could love someone so shallow
someone so out of touch
with his emotions
someone who always used humour
to hide the truth
truth the crux of everything
something I need to reflect
this being as good a day as any to do so
earlier needed a shield
to deflect the negative energy
coming from his bitter mom
reaffirmation of how a breakup
can be a blessing in disguise

musician talk

it's just an A B
looking at Bella
in song form
basically what it comes down to
just an A B
as a musician
hard not to be analytical
and at the same time
simplify the hell out of things
this is a language I speak
so I can't just be
a fly on the wall
got just enough imagination
to take me to a smoky jazz club
on the lower east side in the 40s
the drink flowing as the cool of the cool
smoke their brains out
really getting into it
losing themselves in it
to a lady singing the blues
in a way you knew
she'd been to hell and back
and lived to tell the tale


tonight I'm the groupie
of an unknown band
getting pretty jazzy in here
little green with envy
listening to those gorgeous keys
tickling the ivories
in a way I so rarely do
locked into my own regimented vibe
laziness the only thing
stopping me from breaking free
strange in this jam space
lives a man with tonitis
had to vacate the premises
before Dindi got under his skin
left his ears ringing
Shaun's back turned to everyone
hitting as many notes as he can
flashback to all those jams in my condo
good times, good times
getting high with the guys
what I'll be feeling with Wayne
when they're ready to take a break
good to get out
after all it's the only way
I can afford to be in the audience

I think it's time to dust

the lava lamp sits broken
in the corner of the crowded room
like me once worked
its devilish charm
now just blends into the gloom
this is the season
of the tv and the dvd
capturing charm from the armchair
no cause for alarm
in no need of repair
all I have to do is go outside
put on my sunday best
just get dressed
go outside without my umbrella
get soaking wet
be the spontaneous fella
I once was
before leaky condos and stacks of bills
there were always cheap thrills
cheap and easy
going downtown dressing sleazy
with a slight air of sophistication
to keep them guessing
is it all for show
they'll never know
what makes me tick
perhaps I'll get that lava lamp fixed
could just let it
keep collecting dust
seems it's becoming a reflection of me
not the man I want to be
all I need really
is a good dusting off
and I'm ready to go

filling the void (part 2)

think the only thing on me growing thin
is my patience
been making this trip now for years
guess I sort of resent
the idea everyone is guilty until proven innocent
that's how it seems anyway
when you go through customs
suddenly feel like saying
to hell with your country
mine offers so much more
the greatest offering the peaceful solution
we've got fast-food and mega malls too
we're not as super-sized as you
to that I'm definitely not complaining
then I remember my love's american
denied entry for a DUI
such a sweet guy
doesn't deserve the shit he's been through
my love makes his world
the warm inviting place
he needs it to be 24/7
on earth as it is in heaven
need to remember
to buy that long-distance card at 7 eleven
fill the void a little more
the emptiness inside
that gets magnified
what with winter and being apart
the emptiness inside
not a chasm you want to fall into
without a pair of loving arms
to rescue you

filling the void

sometimes want for nothing
but to lay my body down
sometimes so restless
want for anything but
what is it about this place
that creates such a void
get annoyed when I don't
have the energy to fill it
the needs I have right now
the need to unload the dishwasher
the need to clear the crap off my bed
the need to have a meeting of the minds
just like in Augusten Burroughs' Dry
need to figure out how
you can have it all and feel
like it's not worth a damn
so I lay my body down
say man the world is waiting
patiently waiting
for the next offering
to fill a void somewhere
fill me up with the joy I've touched another
with carefully placed channeled energy
I could be anywhere, even here
making it happen

my own little piece of heaven

after the holidays
hard to get back into the swing of things
but I'm still on vacation
guess at least for now
I'm one of the lucky ones
slowly putting the pieces into place
one by one
not being catapulted into 2007
without a safety net below
to catch me if I fall
funny feeling like
I've got sooooooo much to do
pleasure getting in the way
funny too, my family
still my great salvation
when I'm an aimless traveller
running around like a chicken
with his head cut off
they remind me where I come from
and where I'm going to
what I want more than anything now
cause for celebration
on a day that doesn't dictate
a conventional holiday
a day that I made happen
like the days of Ben and Alex
the beautiful co-creations of 2005 and 6
a day in 2007
that's my own little piece of heaven

collaboration with and truth

perusing the ads
waiting for one to jump out at me
or pull me in
wondering if I should wait
for the perfect one
or just answer and audition for the experience
music music everywhere
calling me to jump in
cruise gigs, country gigs, heavy metal
not my thang
just hand me the mic let me sing
let the inner voice out
so I can pull you in
let that jazz-cultured sound explode
with that jazz-cultured sound
let your mind wander, float
explore the deep crevices of your desires
carrying you closer and closer to the truth
that rich sound melting together
music and truth

Tracey, my love, you are creative...........wonderfully so.