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patience and perseverance

tomorrow I say goodbye
to the year's shortest month
nothing particularly amazing about it
pleasant and love-filled nonetheless
able to pay bills and still get away
smoothly transition into a faster-paced life
can't believe I'm excited
about being able to buy a bus pass in March
damn I've been housepoor waaaaaaaaay too long
suppose it's a sign of things to come
the luxuries financial stability affords
think Robyn is recording today
dying of curiosity
that's mildly tinged with jealousy
for I'm dying to get back into the studio
share something new
all about patience and perseverance
the two things
that are going to get me through

............and a home studio wouldn't hurt either:)

closer than it's ever been

Beck sings take a ride on a broken train
all I can say is
better not be mine
got people relying on me to make them feel fine
it's what I do
elevate your position to where you want to be going to
so who is it
that's gonna get me the hell out of here
take a look in the mirror
there's my answer
set the wheels in motion
sell up buy a car
get married become a superstar
not that far away
have to make it my mantra
it's not so far away
not so far away at all
and closer, closer than it's ever been

costly castles

think I've got enough time tonight
to unwind in the hot tub
in my guide to easy living
think there is written the phrase
how can a day be good without downtime
how can charisma flow through me
without the little luxuries
designer cupcakes and coffees
days that begin later than they do for most
my son he's the prince of the palace
and rightfully so
his dad the king of the castle
no one tells him no
when the voice inside says yes
indulge while you can
for castles cost a bloody lot
for today's indulgent man

let every day be friday night

closing in on friday night
necessary part of life
having something to look forward to
have seen what happens
when you don't
floating on an endless sea
never quite able to see the shore
even when it's right in front of you
a type of blindness
people are afflicted with
when hopelessness takes over
looking and not seeing the joy
let me look at things in a different light
and every day will be friday night

so ridiculously tired

can be out of it for only so long
before it really starts to piss me off
got off the train when I shouldn't have
now I'm gonna miss my bus
and have to walk up the hill
so ridiculously tired of walking
so ridiculously tired of not being able to afford
to take a cab home
so ridiculously tired of life as it is
like these mondays though
these 3 hour mondays
unwinding with beer and wings
when life's not even stressful enough for unwinding
the train has stopped
doesn't matter however
in no hurry to walk up that hill
in fact in no hurry for anything
hmmmmmmm could that be it
the clock is ticking
makes no diff to me when I arrive
all that matters is I do

an undiscovered

mr. slo-mo
get there when I get there
12:10pm still no caffeine
like I'm still in my dream
de niro was there and some hot young blonde
perhaps an undiscovered like me
in another one of my late nite mini-movies
why do I lie there awake
and not write it all down
know I'm too damn old to remember
it'll surface in some other form during the day
with a little caffeine courtesy of starbucks
the sparkle and shine
shall once again be mine

making love makes everything right

there's that smell again wafting from him
sort of like chicken noodle soup
gross when it's eminating from another human being
as I take a deep breath as is sometimes necessary
I'm longing for more fresh air
as he takes off his gilligan hat to scratch his head
hope the dandruff don't head in my direction
this is one of those times I'd rather be stuck in traffic
if it meant I were driving home
sometimes really just want to be alone
no need for headphones or transit tickets
perhaps I'll be driving south
crossing a border
It's about that time
that time I start to feel like
the only thing that can make it right
is making love

r u a netaholic?

u r addicted
netaholics anonymous here you come
ur spelling skills DOA
in your newspeak acronyms abound
the only sound your fingers tapping away
a mile a minute
if it's not on your hard drive
what use is it
pretty lame I know
wasting all that vital sleep time
eyes burning from the glare
of the latest chatroom scene
anyone online into
making you feel fine
need a little more each time
to capture the buzz
of the last orgasmic high
then one day they want to meet
do you block the user
or hit delete
reality can never quite capture
what you've created in your mind
reality has a way
of catching up with you
won't let you log off
it's on 24/7
there for the taking
an exciting new vibration
taking over the nation
sparkling in-person face to face conversation

smart blazer

what I need is a smart blazer
to get me out of my slump
tired of looking like a chump
in clearance stuff from old navy
wear it out on the town
like I used to do
one for every occasion
dress it up or down
where it to a meeting with jeans or slacks
wear it through the drive-thru
for a fast food attack
stick a couple pins on it
when I go to a show
do it up so totally 80s
everyone will know it was certainly my era
when things were a little less toned down
and there was more to do
than hang out drinking lattes
in lululemon active wear
if you tell me it's smart casual
you know it won't be boring gray sir
I'll be extra-funkified
doning my smart blazer

sorry dudes, tonight I'm the suburban dud

sometimes want to be left alone in my blue mood
sure dudes I know it's no good
let me wallow in it for a while
feel sorry for myself
sulk like a little child
who didn't get to stay up and watch his favourite show
sometimes just need to spend a little time alone
don't want to depend on others to bring me up
when I'm being a downer
pathetic out-of-towner
suburban dud
middle-aged stick in the mud
let me wallow in it for a while
the smile will be back again
before you know it late night and I'm a complete grump............or maybe it's the fact I'm not smoking today:)

so different............not too different

so different
we're so different
but wouldn't it be boring as shit
if we were exactly the same
sometimes you're a little too country
and I'm a little too rock 'n roll
but baby our passion
has a whole lotta soul
got to keep life interesting
to make good lovin' great
got to pull out a few surprises
if you want to satiate
your lover's need, sometimes greed
for the thoughts that enter the mind
more than a few times a day
we're gonna lose our way sometimes
in the journey of life
take a wrong turn, get burned
feel the cut of love
sharp as a knife
the difference being with you and me
wounds heal so naturally
never getting too demanding
we've got a special understanding
embrace the differences
cast no blame
for it'd be boring as shit
if we were exactly the same

designed differently

Why was I designed differently
not desiring that which society tells me I should be drawn to
find myself lingering longingly
in looks that for many become frowns
then whispers of disapproval
for what they see is someone who let themselves go
someone who couldn't be bothered to fit the mould
we all try so desperately to fit into
I will walk with you
walk at your pace
lingering longingly in looks as I surmise
the eloquence of your form
as you walk slightly ahead
yet close enough the world will know we are together
we are designed differently
yet no less beautiful are we

as long as that one thing isn't missing I'm OK

you think you've thought of everything
but there's one thing missing
and the plans fall through
so you beat yourself up
about not having it all together
'til you're black and blue
easy thing to do on a monday morning
not have it all together
at least I made it onto the train
back doing the monday to friday thing
all over again
where did the weekend go
through customs and back in the blink of an eye
that feeling just doesn't stay with me
as long as I would like it to
that loving feeling
that stops one from beating themselves up
I'll tell you this
if there were just one thing
missing from my life
the last thing I'd want it to be
would be love