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barbarians of the world, can't we all just get along?

I have the habit
of playing shit over and over in my mind
when others have long since left it behind
an emotional sponge like me
tends to soak up too much
of what's going on around
however, I've found
the mind's like a block of wood
never explodes above the surface
all just swims around inside
emotional turmoil
if I let it, it's sure to run wild
know that to flow
is the only way to go
know I can't be
everybody's best friend
not a dog after all
not cut out
to rise to the challenge
of the personality clash

when tensions arise
and things start going wrong
wish you understood me better
barbarians of the world
can't we all just get along

zero faith

saddens me you have zero faith
in me turning my life around
becoming who I was born to be
the past, wish it would leave me alone
give me time to rejoice
shout in my loudest voice
I'm a force to be reckoned with
suprise myself from time to time
rise above sure to shine
the sun a testiment to this very force
though there's lots of things
still hard for me to do
par for the course
just as many a piece of cake
make no mistake
those of zero faith
I'm doing everything in my power
to prove you wrong

Birthday came and went

Well, May 22nd came and went and now I've been 40 for 8 days. So far, so good...........if I'm over the hill, all I can say is going down seems much easier than the slow uphill climb. If I'm going to reach the top, I figure I'm going to do it at my own damn pace. Thank you very much.

Actually, I should wish my Grandpa a Happy Birthday. If he were still alive, he'd be 93 today. I had a delicious dinner at Bin 942 tonight in his honour. Although to do it up right, I still need to whip up something decadent for dessert. If you're going to go for it, you have to go all the way.

may 4th on the amtrak down to seattle

Sometimes I let myself go a little hungry and I gain some clarity. Let's see if this is one of those times. Sitting here 'cause there's some electrical problem and, there we go, problem solved. The train is moving once again. It's totally full and looks like cruise ship season is back with a vengeance. The beginning of May and people are already in holiday mode.

In the throws of minor cold symptoms in my week off between phase one and phase two of the self-employment program I'm in. Damn if I can remember what SEEDS stands for!......actually it's self-employment and entrepreneur development society. Developing a business plan, quite daunting, but when it's done I'm sure it will be very empowering. 'Inch by inch everything's a cinch.' Starting to live by those words. Doing everything at the last minute will just stress me out and raise my blood pressure.

Thinking of checking out the car with the skylights since I'm on the shitty 'superl…


sometimes only sex can relieve the stress
that so often starts to build up as the week progresses
doing laps in the pool can only do so much
sometimes only love makes it feel
like good love-making
as far as love-making goes
the more you make the more it makes you feel
as good as you should feel all the time
two weeks it's a little too long to go
and sometimes I'm a little too sleepy when I arrive
as the train pulls in to king st. station
know it won't be long before I pull you in close to me
wrap my arms around you
make it easy for you to feel
the things you spent too much of your life
not allowing yourself to feel
denial for you is a word that need not be
part of your vocabulary
a much better word is revival
as you come back to life
as the glass becomes half-full again
the emptiness subsides
no one need deny someone
of all the pleasure they deserve
for life's too short
as is our time together
let's fill the glass as full as we can
make this weekend
a weekend to remember