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balancing out the work and play

let it go
there's no other way
to make it through
change is good
but the older you get
the harder you fight it
looks like it's going to be
a 3 cup of coffee day
seems to be the adult way
to balance out the work and play
still have the thomas the train
tattoo on my arm
that's what life's all about
balancing out the work and play
time to rejoice in something wonderful
in even the toughest day
can't start things off
beating yourself up
'cause you didn't do enough
when it's much more than you normally do
no need to get all black and blue
from self-inflicted wounds
the ticking on of time
though it refuses
to wait for you to catch up
always give you the option
of going at your own pace
getting there when it feels like
the perfect time to arrive