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out of it

Sunday afternoon hanging out in my pad feeling old cause I have to turn down the volume on my new rufus wainwright CD when the orchestration starts to run wild. Love the track 'Going to a Town'. Seeing him in concert last night has inspired me and I feel I need to sit down at the keyboard and write something new. So many things I want to do..............and things that need doing. My head is swimming from technical shit..........just got a new laptop so perhaps I'll be adding a little more to this blog. Guess I'm not so totally out of it. Just not as focused as I'd like to be. Now what was it again that I was supposed to be doing?

right here, right now

you know I've got a short-term memory when it comes to love
forget about the intimate times I wish there were much more of
often wish I were always there in the moment like I need to be
yet occasionally into another fantasy you'll find me drifting
why can't I just be satisfied
unreal to believe you'll rock my world every single time
now here I am lonely as hell
wanting for the things I too often take for granted
lying here feeling disenchanted
'cause tonight don't feel like having the whole bed to myself
want my life to belong to somebody else
and yet take it away and I'll be screaming bloody murder
sometimes it's ok to wake up all alone
but I think I've gotten just a little too used to
being here on my own
yeah, mr. independent, basically that is me
just not who I want to be
right here, right now


a million different accents
in this multi-cultural city we call Vancouver
enjoy listening to sound
come into view
deciphering the language
'til what comes through rings true
this most useful skill I've developed
always makes me want to explore a little more
where will I go today
a place where words unravel stories
of faraway cultures
I can carry with me
make the melting pot taste a little more flavourful

when the weather ceases to inspire

considering the dream I had last night
thought the imagination
would be running completely wild
a little britain skit unfolding
in a wonderfully wacky john waters sort of way
sadly eventually we all succumb to the rain
sat down at the keyboard
expecting some kind of divine intervention
the spiritual connection
makes it all come together
no matter what the weather may be doing
the longest days of the year
they don't belong in darkness
won't dwell on it though
for I've been invited to attend the grandest of parties and I won't have to worry
anyone else will be putting on a better show for I'll be the orchestrator of how the evening unfolds as I lie down on the well padded pocket coil mattress in my east van pad, close my eyes and truly know I've finally arrived....................

little hottie

I wrote a little song for my son Ben and it goes something like this.......

little hottie never gonna be as hot as you
little hottie turnin' heads already
and you're not even two
startin' to look alot like me
wiry little thing boundless energy
little hottie know I love ya kid
no matter what you get into
I'm gonna love you forever

little hottie there's so much that you can teach me, little hottie there's so much I still don't know
this I know, you smile at me and I'm carefree, sweet baby boy, my pride and joy
little hottie know I love ya kid no matter what you get into I'm gonna love you forever
little hottie, little Benjamin, little hottie
Go to the music bar at my brand new baby business, memorable music, if you want to give it a listen for my daughter Alexandra is on the way.

hotter than georgia asphalt

beat the heat
mix down a tune
in an east van basement suite
dig the groove
when the day unwinds
as it's meant to
hotter than georgia asphalt
and that's no lie
breeze sure feels good
natural air con
cooling my jets
giving me the idea
it'd be far cooler
jumping into the sea
summertime wants me to be
outdoors more than I am
lately the sun
is in battle with the computer
judging by my slightly
lighter than usual pigment
you can guess
who's winning so far

tip of the iceberg

fighting the lazy streak
every step of the way
summer would have me
worshipping the sun
every given chance
the fanatical way
I used to be
business needs attending to
now it's around 8pm
here on the train
with a new way to enjoy the sun
enhancing my view
on a journey I've made a thousand times
it can be a thousand times more beautiful
if I let myself go and just flow
still don't know
exactly what I'm doing
here in the thick of the learning curve
can the teacher teach me something new
is there more for me to absorb
know the answer
what I'm about to discover
is just the tip of the iceberg

love what you do

looking now
directly into the face
of a woman who has a soul-sucking job
it's not a pretty sight
not a pretty sight at all
bringing home the bacon
takes its toll
when we're not doing
what we enjoy doing
for too long
starts to show
in too deep
to pack it all in
step out of the life
you've stopped loving
find a way to fall in love with it
all over again