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you and that someone else

seems these days everyone feels like
the dream can be bought
got to do more than ever
to hang onto what we've got
too much hanging on
not enough letting go
no one to tell you no
with money to burn
all we yearn for
piece of the pie
wings to fly
up so high
'til you realize
the dream you bought
belongs to someone else
in a town you no longer recognize
become the kind of person
you always despised
how do you go back to square one
sell the dream for a place in the sun
where 4 walls
don't dictate the outcome of your life
perfect husband, perfect wife
no time for a family
no time for each other
to explore the joys of matrimony
we all eventually
come to the point in our lives
where nothing is
as we thought it would be
join a group comiserate
about the old ball and chain
how freedom comes at a price
how we never think twice
about signing on the dotted line
all there in black and white
got to be accountable
for the choices we made
give us so much
take so much away
all we did for the sliver we call
piece of the pie
wings to …

Planet Unicorn Episode 4

This is hilarious!

Skid Row

Here I am walking around Vancouver's lower east side feeling a little out of place. It's actually a video for a collaboration between myself and actor/comedian John Samaha. He actually has some hilarous videos up on youtube and a great comedy show on TV back in Australia.

Wonder if you're still suffering from compassion fatigue John...........

Karaoke Idol 1

Check out this promo video for a Karaoke Competition I'm co-hosting with my alliance Ron Devitt. Actually we're encouraging people to sing their own orignal technically it's not karaoke, though some backtracks will surely be prominent during the evening.

Every Shaft

Cool video for a commercial created by my friend and alliance, Ron Devitt of Keepsake Memories