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a little more charity

a little more charity
what we need in this world
give as much as we receive
watch the rewards unfurl
life is harder for some than others
temperature drops, leads grow colder
hands reach out in vain
wonder if they'd do the same
if I were in their place
wondering where the next handout
was going to come from
looking for a little more charity
and finding none
when I needed it the most
invisible like a ghost
haunting presence all the same
on the unforgiving streets
of the lower east side
getting high to forget my plight
seeing someone just like me
not make it through the night
asking myself where can that sensitive soul be
when all I'm in need of
is a little more charity

buy nothing day

Ironic today here in canada some of us are honouring 'buy nothing day' where south of the border there is a shopping frenzy on this day commonly known as 'black friday'. Tough not to make a single purchase..........but I'll avoid consumerism for as long as I can.

she just exists

wasting away
that vibrant lady
of sharp tongue
and impeccable style
just enough energy now
to sit up in bed and mutter
who are you?
humming along to some bygone tune
chatting with Douglas
her stuffed lion
people in the room
don't command the attention they used to
still you know
she's enjoying your company
more than she often did
no longer resists
she just exists

pawn shop

look in your window
see what could have been
music that could have been made
smiles to faces that
could have been brought
all for nought
there were bills
that had to be paid
meals that needed to be made
and the hope that someone
who sold their dearest possession
when times were lean
would one day return
and reclaim the dream

perspective is everything

is this excitement rising up in me
the product of an energy drink
a day rich in autumn splendour
symptomatic of an overactive imagination
or is it something more
something currently intangible
I'll soon be able to sink my teeth into to the core
understand what it's like
to be alive and not living
but that's not my life anymore
one of these things I'm certain
is going to pay off
one of these days I'm certain
I'm going to wake up
in some exotic place
pinch myself hard
make sure I'm not dreaming
'cause that's what dreamers do
somewhere along the way
noticed I'd stopped being me
If I stared down that man in the mirror
wouldn't like what I see
perhaps this excitement in the air
has everything to do
with my point of view
where simply feeling good
can cause the voice inside
to rise up and sing
yes, without a doubt
perspective is everything

he loves the sun

focusing in on the one
the one object
that shines brighter than all others
the one that's made this
a spectacular fall day
didn't start out this way
didn't see the promise
as he struggled out of bed
didn't think of the importance
of getting out
following his heart not his head
looking toward the luminous
source of warmth in the sky
there to heal the past
make love to the night
focusing in on the one
who loves him right
the one object of his affection
shines brighter than all others
he loves the sun
above all other lovers