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the garden

come lay down in the garden
of desire
sink deeper down into the garden
where all is light
deeper down into the darkness
where all is night
deeper down into the darkness
of your mind
master of your universe
what is it worth
when you cry yourself to sleep
every single night you cry
come lay down in the garden
overgrown with tangled broken desire
there's no place for you
to call your home
to call your home
the streets you know
they're not your home
where is the garden
you've envisioned
it's all in your mind

winning life's lottery

one day you feel like
you've won life's lottery
one of the chosen few
who gets to do
what they want to do
lucky they call these people
doesn't last forever
reality has a way of pulling the rug
from underneath you
when you're on that high
then the low it hits you
wallow in it a while
fake a smile
when they ask you how you're doing
it's all good but it'd be better
if it were great
and sometimes it is
can't wait until it is again

film people

you are sight
we are sound
bring us the visual world
put us up on the screen
create a picture
for those without imagination
film people
you are our salvation


brought it today
mean bringing it
night is still young
the rain has fallen
the rainbow has spoken
now the night is free
to do as it pleases
if it pleases me
shall follow suit
what doth the night offer
what charm doth it hold
here in the cold
the fire of desire sorrowfully amiss
shall indulge in a kiss
that lingers as the sun comes up
shall linger a little longer
in who it most pleases me to be