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the eyes of a child

I see how easy it is
to get in the spirit
how hard it is as well
it's what you dwell on
and don't dwell on
that makes the difference
lucky man I am
so many good things
bestowed upon me
so why is it often hard
to get up in the morning
old age setting in
or that lack of youthful excitement
getting in the way
whose day have I made today
with a little smile or a kind word
not enough of that to go around
more than just
the tough economic times
that's when the tough get going
at least that's what they say
Christmas can't come soon enough
just 5 days away
what I see through
the eyes of a child
will certainly make my day

pure expression

spending way too much time
being cryptic
when it should be so damn easy
to figure things out
when no words need be spoken
that's when it's so damn easy
to be one with the universe
to stop what's going on all around
be one with the universe
they're trying to use words against us
manipulate us into thinking
being cryptic is the way to be
'cause it's cool to be clever
keep it under lock and key
think you can figure me out
that easily
too late for the slate's been wiped clean
blank canvas for the kids
to draw their dreams on
the purest of expression
so holistic
never cryptic
yet still we search
for the hidden meaning
where there's none to be found

no love in their hearts

so dangerous
all these people walking around
no love in their hearts
scare me to death
those who couldn't care less
'bout making the world a better place
'bout being careful with the words they choose
'bout who they use to get what they want
sure they ain't carryin' guns
sure they ain't out to physically harm anyone
dangerous all the same
in a most inconspicuous way
all these people walking around
no love in their hearts

Follow My Heart

Here is a video for a song I wrote featuring a fantastic vocalist I've had the pleasure of working with, Karina.

prime of your life

prime of your life in the eyes of the media 'past it' so I'm told these aches and pains can make one feel so damn old look in the mirror see bags under the eyes well-rested or not without going under the knife they're here to stay yet we don't often speak of the upside of the grey the sense of self that comes with age filtering out what gets in the way of the quality time once time is of the essence it becomes more valuable than ever and the simplest joys are things to treasure

never let money get you down

can't stand not having cash
at odds with this person
who is a generous gent and a beach bum
all rolled into one
too consumed with what he hasn't got
and that's just not cool
waiting for the call
where someone has the answers he needs to hear
a call that never comes
can't you hear him shouting out to the universe
those cries in vain they'll eventually lead to pain
for the one who always said
the best things in life are free
still struggles at times to get the full benefit
from that philosophy
so he retreats a little more from society
sinks into a seat in the back row of the movie theatre
mid-week, mid-afternoon escape
to a world where all inner-conflicts get worked through
what you don't like can be erased
and replaced with what you do
like when you wake up from a beautiful dream
knowing you've created
a more beautiful you

virtually ideal

he creates and wonders
what it's all for
pretty easy to be that guy
who takes what he feels
puts it into words
some say it's a blessing
some a curse
when he could be doing
so much more with his life
he's sleeping his life away
he's making his world
seem a little less grey
torn between what he's supposed to be
and what gets him through the day
as effortlessly as possible
finds the balance between work and play
wonders when the words
will be worth their weight in gold
their meaning deep
as the stories told
that stand the test of time
as the late afternoon sun shines through
he softly contemplates what he's going to do
with the rest of his life
his work in progress
no need to ask what it's all for
the words are here simply to explore
what has been felt
what he's feeling now
what he has yet to feel
as long as love is never in short supply
his place in the universe
is virtually ideal

that place where land meets sea

that place where land meets sea
as the sun is just beginning to set
where I want to be
where nothing can get to me
in my mind I'm there
arms spread to the heavens
the great outdoors calling
thankfully I'm still listening
still remember youth
without dwelling on the angst
it feels like such a beautiful place
that place where land meets sea
finds me going for a midnight swim
mesmerized by the phosphorescence
can still be amazed
amazingly enough
can still close my eyes
and be exactly where I want to be
at any given time
that place where land meets sea
can be mine

why are we so afraid?

some are drawn to it
some run from it
some aren't quite sure what it is
but like it all the same
and choose to hang around
let's not give it up
all at once
leave something
to the thrill of the chase
let me reveal
something to you
a world of feelings
you've never felt before
let me reveal
what the crescendo feels like
where there's a spark
passion's fire is not far behind
does it scare you
how deeply I look into your eyes
does it make you
want to run and hide
leave the thrill of the chase
up to me
don't you want to be free
from feeling like you'll never be loved
why be so afraid of love
when it's all you've ever dreamt of

how to be happy

not all of us
know how to be happy
when the chips are down
how to turn it around
in your own company
alone in your own company
no one there to cheer you up
where your happiness
depends upon you and you alone
it all comes down to the rain
when it continues to fall on you
time and time again
make the most of it
know the sun will eventually return
and when it does
will it then be too hot for you
will you be longing for something
you can't have in the here and now
maybe if you are
you'll still be searching
deep in other eyes and volumes written
for that simple wealth of wisdom
you'll one day hopefully know
how to be happy

all I see is you

too visible
divisible by two
look right through me
when all I see is you
see you standing out
in the crowd
when all you want to do
is run and hide
all eyes on you
something you're not used to
never thought desire
left such a big impression
never grow tired
of looking at such a sexy digression
one way too visible
often eludes my view
always someone who wishes
you were invisible
just can't see me
with my gaze burning through you
look right through me
act like it doesn't phase me
but I'm shattered to pieces
torment inside and there's nothing I can say or do
invisible as you look right through me
when all I see is you

satisfaction always comes

satisfaction comes with cool sounds that wash over me new kd lang CD on the stereo food in the fridge money in my pocket satisfaction it comes and stays more often than not I've got a lot just being able to recognize I've got it saw the rainy day for what it was and enjoyed being inside completely satisfied in the tide's ebb and flow know good times they come and go but more often than not they're here in the soft breeze blowing through my hair in this love I'm so lucky to be able to share with you satisfaction always comes

park litter only

harder for some, easier for others
not always the place
pictures paint it to be
oblivious we are to what's going on
or is it simply apathy
know where my next meal is coming from
and the one after that
that trash can
that disheveled, overdressed man nearby
park litter only
it's leftovers tonight
and the night after that
one man's trash they say
is another man's treasure
can't say I've ever looked at it
quite in the same way
as I am today
found some sustenance he did
as I contemplate
a little more indulgence
the things I turn my nose up to
would be treasure found
never get turned down
might be the start
of something much better
the joggers race by
as others turn a blind eye
sits hunched over
just as oblivious to the passersby
who are thankful not to be him
and yet everyone is void of something
everyone has a side of them
they'd rather not show
some more than others
this everyone knows
just by looking you see
today is it really
harder for him to get through
your point of view
in this time of summer…

three cheers for melancholy

you say you don't seem yourself
I say I guess you don't know me
as well as I thought you did
the blues descend
from a sky blue to perfection
did I mention
sometimes when I want to be one with nature
it's just too much effort
to have folk around
sometimes I wish I could be
the life of the party
100% on 24/7
did I ever mention
sometimes I'm totally fun
just as easily all the chaos
can make me completely
come undone
to the point where I'd like this beach
all to myself
leave the idle chit-chat
to someone who doesn't mind
if their lame chatter
falls on deaf ears
three cheers for melancholy
for all the wrong reasons
at all the wrong times
there are seasons where it seems it's ok
to feel blue
certainly this isn't one of them
and you thought
how could you let loneliess
get the better of you
part of what makes me
someone you want to tell your troubles to
be one of a countless few
you can make a real deep connection with
sorry if I don't seem myself
guess it's easier to see what you want to

stolen glances

feels like love
feels a lot like love
gazing upon the chosen few
sent from heaven above
what others fail to see
I see exponentially
such beauty can overwhelm
become an overwhelming addiction
easily I'd become
a slave to your charms
sink into your luxury
get wrapped up
in your sensuality
when it comes on
it comes on so, so strong
even a stolen glance
could do more harm than good
when it's all just wishful thinking
when I feel completely intoxicated
and I haven't even been drinking
when I'm on cloud nine
in the middle of the nine to five grind
could be so easily taken away
with one stolen glance
and a knowing smile in my direction
just might feel like love
feel a lot like love
something one can never
get enough of
so let those stolen glances
carry you away
for one day they may
get to linger a lifetime

contrary to popular belief

contrary to popular belief
not the poster child for the happy-go-lucky
sometimes it's the hardest thing in the world
to simply crack a smile
on the optimistic side of the summer solstice
already feeling like it's all downhill from here
it's the uphill climb I'm dreading
goes with the territory
of not being quite sure where things are heading
I'm the glass half-empty
the dream half-fulfilled
the other half of something much better
something much greater than me
contrary to popular belief
optimism doesn't always come easy
but I'll be the first to tell you
the more of it you can tap into
the better your life will be
for the kind few who skim this "blog" on occasion
promise soon it will return
with a vengeance

one of these days

it's 1045 am
no reason not to be
completely awake
a lot more reasons
to just stay in bed today
and dream of tomorrow
lessons to be learned
little loose ends
that need taking care of
one of those days
when the silence
will quickly be interrupted
and everything will suddenly be
in full swing
love those kinds of days
need more of those kinds of days
and sadly this day
turned out to be
far from that kind of day
want to lay down
at the end of that kind of day
mind racing with opportunity and possibility
and the good fortune
of being able to make everything I want happen
if I just keep believing
one of these days
it will


Nothing is easy today
and I know it's because
I'm so desperate for it to be
I'm living proof
everthing becomes difficult
when I get way too hungry
now I suddenly want to be
an over-achiever
could it be the fact that I turn
41 tomorrow
could it be tomorrow
I won't wake up feeling the same way
could I be the controller of my destiny
make the celebration stay
make it stay past the day
everyone celebrates you
simply for being born


friday night and there's nothing on
can't seem to get myself off the sofa
and out into the night
body resisting working a full day
senses working overtime
call for a little downtime
need more things that thrill
make the body tingle
make me feel as alive
as the wildest friday night
ah, friday night
it just ain't what it used to be
although sometimes it does
live up to its promise
some hold more lure than others
some dictate after a 4-hour train ride
it's time for making sweet love
how does anyone go without
for more than 2 weeks
seems unfathomable to me
as do so many things
how do we get so far off track
even more unfathomable
how when we're so far off course
do we find our way back

the thrill of paying with cash

Had a cool experience just a short while ago this afternoon............I was on my way to the drugstore and gave my friend Ron a call. As I hung up, I noticed the length of the call was 3 minutes and 33 seconds. Then when I got my change at the drugstore noticed the amount was $2.22...................finally as I left the licquor store.........paid with a 20 and the bill came to $18.89. You guessed it $1.11 cents change. Always cool to be aware of these things..........wonder what it all means. Tend to usually just pay with my debit card. Perhaps I should opt for carrying cash in the wallet a little more often.

is it in the cards?

wrong to want what I want
so right too
right now 40 doesn't feel so good
being on the other side of it
being reminded the cards
are stacked against me and my man
is it all part of the master plan
to move in different directions
still playing it safe
know that I'm not willing to risk everything
to be with you
this heavy feeling tells me
there's things I'm dreading
making plans for the future
do those plans include you and I
unrealistic to think
it can all be clear blue sky
no one ever said a dreamer like me
was living in reality
no one ever said
it'd be easy
when the path chosen
is so far removed
from the norm of society

bottom feeders

why can't I be one of those
hungry bottom feeders
cashing in every step of the way
ridiculous question you say
mr. creative headspace
not designed for fussing and fighting
rather gliding through life
letting the universe take care of things
never too much or too little
never caught in the middle
of some self-inflicted drama
the spirit always eventually
gets caught in the breeze
rises to the top
way too free up there
to want to ever come down
never so hungry
the integrity gets sacrificed

getting somewhere

not quite as ready for change as I once was
at least I'm not so old it scares me to death
still up for something completely new
still up for stepping out of my comfort zone
more than ready to make
some real cash
haven't quite figured out how it's done
without getting too bored or too stressed out
feel like I've hit a wall
need to make that wall
come crashing down
figure out how music
factors into the equation
and if it doesn't
how do I make it fit
how do I get from here to there
always feeling like
I'm actually getting somewhere

this elusive thing called success

changed my mind about just about everything
right now all I want to do is
chuck in the towel and move on
surrender to the fact that everyone fails on some level
it's all relative
this elusive thing called success
can't always see it
even when it's staring you in the face
might find yourself running away from it
when it's that close
and then again on a day like today
could be the best thing you can do

not ready to give up just yet

struggling to fighting being in give-up mode
it's the wrong way to be
here on the other side of 40
everything up in the air
sometimes just want to be told what to do
the 9 to 5 scares the shit out of me
more than ever
being a grown-up with an ever-changing focus
has its share of complexities
doing what I love
not doing it enough
there's two choices it seems
go all the way
or just give up

everlasting love

it's when nothing is new
that everything starts to become old
always saying keep it fresh
at least it's what I'm told
is what takes it from good to great
saves love from falling apart
stops it from being too late
to say let's work it out
thinking about all those loves
that didn't quite make it to valentine's
thinking a few of those loves
once were mine
thinking a friend is going to a show
after he bought the ticket
off a couple who just broke up
just before valentine's
a day that's all about love
we all know one day
is far from enough to celebrate
the joy of togetherness
the sorrow of being apart
somehow brings these two hearts
closer together
helps us remember
how much we've got
when time and distance
are on our side
we know we've got a shot
at everlasting love

the underground scene

what's going on in the scene
out of the loop
somewhere in between
where the in-crowd are
and where I want to be
sleepy me can't seem
to get it together to go out
and check out a show
checked it out on myspace
still need the live experience
to know what it's all about
there's a buzz I know
much ado about nothing
but sometimes it's really something
melodious and haunting
playful and taunting
bringing the listener
somewhere they weren't expecting to go
in this age of vacuous top 40
tabloid vixens and malicious gossip
there's still got to be
a venue for the cutting edge
the cut above the rest
that's not so underground
it never gets to see
the light of day
there's a beauty in knowing
today's super-exclusive
underground scene
could be the world's next big thing


a realization
I'm no longer in my 30s
finally feel like
I'm living in a new decade
where I've stepped outside
my own reality
see things as they are
see where my place
in the world is
how much or how little
I'm able to give
looking through old pics of my gran
through all the decades of memories
it's the good times
that always swim to the surface
we connect the dots
make sense of it all
the family unit
it's a most beautiful thing
when we want for nothing
and feel like only
in being together
we have everything