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the underground scene

what's going on in the scene
out of the loop
somewhere in between
where the in-crowd are
and where I want to be
sleepy me can't seem
to get it together to go out
and check out a show
checked it out on myspace
still need the live experience
to know what it's all about
there's a buzz I know
much ado about nothing
but sometimes it's really something
melodious and haunting
playful and taunting
bringing the listener
somewhere they weren't expecting to go
in this age of vacuous top 40
tabloid vixens and malicious gossip
there's still got to be
a venue for the cutting edge
the cut above the rest
that's not so underground
it never gets to see
the light of day
there's a beauty in knowing
today's super-exclusive
underground scene
could be the world's next big thing


a realization
I'm no longer in my 30s
finally feel like
I'm living in a new decade
where I've stepped outside
my own reality
see things as they are
see where my place
in the world is
how much or how little
I'm able to give
looking through old pics of my gran
through all the decades of memories
it's the good times
that always swim to the surface
we connect the dots
make sense of it all
the family unit
it's a most beautiful thing
when we want for nothing
and feel like only
in being together
we have everything