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is it in the cards?

wrong to want what I want
so right too
right now 40 doesn't feel so good
being on the other side of it
being reminded the cards
are stacked against me and my man
is it all part of the master plan
to move in different directions
still playing it safe
know that I'm not willing to risk everything
to be with you
this heavy feeling tells me
there's things I'm dreading
making plans for the future
do those plans include you and I
unrealistic to think
it can all be clear blue sky
no one ever said a dreamer like me
was living in reality
no one ever said
it'd be easy
when the path chosen
is so far removed
from the norm of society

bottom feeders

why can't I be one of those
hungry bottom feeders
cashing in every step of the way
ridiculous question you say
mr. creative headspace
not designed for fussing and fighting
rather gliding through life
letting the universe take care of things
never too much or too little
never caught in the middle
of some self-inflicted drama
the spirit always eventually
gets caught in the breeze
rises to the top
way too free up there
to want to ever come down
never so hungry
the integrity gets sacrificed

getting somewhere

not quite as ready for change as I once was
at least I'm not so old it scares me to death
still up for something completely new
still up for stepping out of my comfort zone
more than ready to make
some real cash
haven't quite figured out how it's done
without getting too bored or too stressed out
feel like I've hit a wall
need to make that wall
come crashing down
figure out how music
factors into the equation
and if it doesn't
how do I make it fit
how do I get from here to there
always feeling like
I'm actually getting somewhere

this elusive thing called success

changed my mind about just about everything
right now all I want to do is
chuck in the towel and move on
surrender to the fact that everyone fails on some level
it's all relative
this elusive thing called success
can't always see it
even when it's staring you in the face
might find yourself running away from it
when it's that close
and then again on a day like today
could be the best thing you can do