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Nothing is easy today
and I know it's because
I'm so desperate for it to be
I'm living proof
everthing becomes difficult
when I get way too hungry
now I suddenly want to be
an over-achiever
could it be the fact that I turn
41 tomorrow
could it be tomorrow
I won't wake up feeling the same way
could I be the controller of my destiny
make the celebration stay
make it stay past the day
everyone celebrates you
simply for being born


friday night and there's nothing on
can't seem to get myself off the sofa
and out into the night
body resisting working a full day
senses working overtime
call for a little downtime
need more things that thrill
make the body tingle
make me feel as alive
as the wildest friday night
ah, friday night
it just ain't what it used to be
although sometimes it does
live up to its promise
some hold more lure than others
some dictate after a 4-hour train ride
it's time for making sweet love
how does anyone go without
for more than 2 weeks
seems unfathomable to me
as do so many things
how do we get so far off track
even more unfathomable
how when we're so far off course
do we find our way back

the thrill of paying with cash

Had a cool experience just a short while ago this afternoon............I was on my way to the drugstore and gave my friend Ron a call. As I hung up, I noticed the length of the call was 3 minutes and 33 seconds. Then when I got my change at the drugstore noticed the amount was $2.22...................finally as I left the licquor store.........paid with a 20 and the bill came to $18.89. You guessed it $1.11 cents change. Always cool to be aware of these things..........wonder what it all means. Tend to usually just pay with my debit card. Perhaps I should opt for carrying cash in the wallet a little more often.