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stolen glances

feels like love
feels a lot like love
gazing upon the chosen few
sent from heaven above
what others fail to see
I see exponentially
such beauty can overwhelm
become an overwhelming addiction
easily I'd become
a slave to your charms
sink into your luxury
get wrapped up
in your sensuality
when it comes on
it comes on so, so strong
even a stolen glance
could do more harm than good
when it's all just wishful thinking
when I feel completely intoxicated
and I haven't even been drinking
when I'm on cloud nine
in the middle of the nine to five grind
could be so easily taken away
with one stolen glance
and a knowing smile in my direction
just might feel like love
feel a lot like love
something one can never
get enough of
so let those stolen glances
carry you away
for one day they may
get to linger a lifetime

contrary to popular belief

contrary to popular belief
not the poster child for the happy-go-lucky
sometimes it's the hardest thing in the world
to simply crack a smile
on the optimistic side of the summer solstice
already feeling like it's all downhill from here
it's the uphill climb I'm dreading
goes with the territory
of not being quite sure where things are heading
I'm the glass half-empty
the dream half-fulfilled
the other half of something much better
something much greater than me
contrary to popular belief
optimism doesn't always come easy
but I'll be the first to tell you
the more of it you can tap into
the better your life will be
for the kind few who skim this "blog" on occasion
promise soon it will return
with a vengeance

one of these days

it's 1045 am
no reason not to be
completely awake
a lot more reasons
to just stay in bed today
and dream of tomorrow
lessons to be learned
little loose ends
that need taking care of
one of those days
when the silence
will quickly be interrupted
and everything will suddenly be
in full swing
love those kinds of days
need more of those kinds of days
and sadly this day
turned out to be
far from that kind of day
want to lay down
at the end of that kind of day
mind racing with opportunity and possibility
and the good fortune
of being able to make everything I want happen
if I just keep believing
one of these days
it will