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goodbye to old traditions

I try to focus
on all that's good
in my life
and when I'm not alone
it all comes
so clearly into view
today is Christmas
presents wrapped
fake fire burning on the TV
classic christmas tunes
on the stereo
but it just isn't
like it used to be
I understand why
people feel so alone
at this time of year
I know that trying
to recapture that Christmas feeling
is just hanging on
to old traditions that no longer exist
time to create new ones
so I can remember
what it feels like
to be filled with joy
during this joyous time of year

the great divide

can't be as close to you as I'd like to
so I pull away
hurts too much to say
I'm the dad you never had
never given the time
to share the good with the bad
makes me feel sad
I'll never quite measure up
in the eyes of some
I'm not capable
of being there for more
than just a little fun
am I really so irresponsible
am I really so unworthy
of having something to call my own
at times like these
feel so alone so sorry for myself
when I'm powerless
to the things I cannot change
cannot fill the void
part of me is shattered
completely destroyed
do my best not to let it show
so the great divide
doesn't get any wider
do my best not to pull away
remind myself I factor in
as some part of this glorious equation
know eventually the frustration
it will subside
one day far in the future
the love will be the one thing
that holds it all together
the great divide
no longer felt
no matter how far apart we are

In The Flesh

everybody wants you
not a single one
of those adoring fans
has ever been with you
now what is that all about
long for the things
that you can't have
long for that thing
'til it drives you mad
some of us it seems
just don't want to get too close
keep 'em at a distance
admire from afar
the hotties of the world
the so-called unattainable
are wishing there weren't so many
who felt the same way
that they don't quite measure up
"he'd never go for someone like me"
you never know
about that all-elusive chemistry
'til it's there before you
in the flesh

a body at rest in constant motion

growing out of some things
growing into others
a body at rest
has a tendency to do
its share of growing
in an indoor world
with not a lot to do
too many early mornings
doing my head in
for I love nothing more
than lying in and lounging
it's no secret
too many of those
how did I come to be
one so good at keeping them
how did I come to be
a body at rest
in constant motion


ask and you shall receive
good things happen
if you believe you're worthy
of the good things life provides
set aside a little extra time
each and every day
to show the ones you love
what great blessings they are
raise the bar demand more
if you feel like
there's something missing
if you feel like
you deserve better
there's no other explanation
but for one
you simply feel that way
'cause you definitely do

here in the doctor's office

October 8th

when you're not sick
is a doctor's office
the best place to be
probably not
could being early
for my appointment
be hazardous to my health
hopefully not
close to a mom and daughter
daughter trying to quell
mom's concerns
when you get to that age
that certain age
being a hypochondriac
can do more harm than good
we really should
take better care of ourselves
for as they say
only the strongest survive
just like viruses these days
getting stronger all the time
and as they do
so do our fears
hoping we'll be the lucky ones
remain unscathed throughout the years
but let's get back to today
here in the doctor's office
when I'd much rather be somewhere else
somewhere the prognosis is always good
we can all use
a little more good news these days
especially here in the doctor's office
fighting off this cloud of malaise


can't believe I'm travelling again
can't seem to simply
stay in one place
constantly surrounded by strangers
won't be long 'til I see a familiar face
gaze deep into his eyes
escape the race for awhile
though the pace is already slow
never slow enough you know
for time I know it likes
to move at a ridiculous pace at times
this gorgeous late summer morning
gliding along the coast
orange flecks in the fields
soon to be carved and displayed
everything arriving sooner
with each passing day
there's still some surprises in store
not surprising at all
that which still remains unexplored
surprises me the most

kids act up

kids act up
parents start to feel
like they need to diffuse the situation
no need to apologize
for your little bundle of joy
your perfect princess
your rebellious little boy
is just interacting with the world
exploring the unknown
developing a personality
something society in adulthood
does its best to stamp out
the freedom to express
feelings in new exciting ways
these are the days I miss
but they're always there
a shining example
of how to live life carefree
in the eyes of a child
everyday life plays out magically

deep baby blues

stare into the face
of decadence
and you're sure to succumb to its charm
stare into the face
of all your fears
into the eyes of a passing stranger
whose eyes search
in the way yours do
deep baby blues
long to see the world
long to be explored
look away from the intensity
for fear they'll see too much
want to be seen for who we are
why do we look away
fear the intensity
rue the day
the floodgates opened
the love came rushing in
the day we let the intensity take over
can't it always stay that way
few take time to rekindle the flame
let it flicker and die
'til they're never the same
'til they rue the day
someone saw them as they truly are
then they look away
but you know it's true
I'd give anything
to gaze one more time into
those deep baby blues


nephew says to me
why are you so fat
it's my body
like I like it
it's a compliment
yet these words
in a checkout line
could make a lady on a diet
break down and cry
what would he say
in the face of the truly obese
through the eyes of a two-year-old
big equals fat

life is good

something good
about the low-key way
I'm celebrating this day
not getting too much done
just enough
able to feel the love
love of my country
just enough
patriotism and Canadiana
to make it feel
like Canada Day
love where I live
the country I live in too
the west-coast summer vibe
doing this body good
here in the quiet part of town
away from the thronging masses
hardly able to contain their excitement
moments away from the fireworks
just can't celebrate that way
on my own but not lonely
sun-kissed and heaven-blessed
looking out the bay window
watching the trees sway
gently back and forth
here in the great white north
life is good

what's your name?

want a nap
want to take on the world
fly away to exotic destinations
eyes closed, mind free
I can go if I want to
feel the rhythm, believe
there is time
to get to where I want to go
at any given time
at this very moment
contemplating some alternate reality
am I destined to be somebody
or destined to remain the same
ever-changing, constantly morphing
in the distance hear my son
in a tribal beat say
what's your name, what's your name
what's your name, what's your name, what's your name?


is nothing sacred anymore

there's this fear
this rather justifiable fear
far too often these days
we're giving far too much away
is nothing sacred anymore
there it is
the writing on the wall
there for all to see
what happened to words like
mystery and imagination
spell it out
'cause I live too fast
to figure it out
can't you just tell me
in 50 words or less
what you're all about
what happened to classic collocations
like 'get to know'
'get to the heart of the matter'
so passe
getting too deep
getting too old
few drinks in and I've lost
my train of thought completely
still can't stop thinking deeply
can't start dumbing down the conversation
the sparkling conversation
it's what the communicators like me
we're living for


do we grow closer
or further apart
so full, so empty
elation fills my heart
life leaves it deflated
do I fear change
or embrace it
keep this love
or replace it
with all-consuming desire
spending more time together
works wonders
when it come to rekindling the fire
but there's never enough time
no, there's never enough
time to love

love conquers all

lying with nothing to hide
push someone in a corner
and you just might find them
pushing back
too often under attack
when all I want is to see my man
see my loving man
give him the loving he's been waiting for
two weeks sure it's not that long
but even 5 seconds can feel like a lifetime
if we want it it's a lifetime we can have
not a lifetime of waiting
with patience thinning
someone making your love feel like a crime
every time you cross the border
pretty tall order
putting up with having
your every single move questioned
what is the answer
what is the answer my friend
look on the bright side in times of darkness
say love
love conquers all in the end

stuck at the station

I think I can
I think I can
the little train that could
but didn't
stuck at the station
waiting for the passengers
to get on
who wants to ride
at times like these
the world it seems
such an empty space
I think I can
I think I can
be a more fulfilled man
can't be stuck at the station
when it's all systems go


now that the book is open
gotta jot something down
here in the rain
in this humdrum town
eager for spring to be filled with its joy
'cause deep down I know
this humdrum town
ain't as humdrum as I make it out to be
and it's my philosophy
in the right frame of mind
I can be happy
wherever I am whatever the weather
I can always remember
what it feels like
to be sitting on top of the world
what it feels like
when I'm free to be me
love it flows so effortlessly
even the most humdrum of towns
has no hope in hell
of ever getting me down

london calling

our eyes met
on the Hampstead Heath
could it be me
getting cruised by a superstar
so far away from home
so free to roam
in and out of shops and flats
spending money I didn't have
like it was going out of style
eating gourmet focaccia sandwiches
high atop Primrose Hill
the toast of the town
at least in my mind
could've been being boring
just stayed in
watching Coronation on telly
just wouldn't be me
if I didn't book a flight
at the drop of a hat
when I felt london calling

too hard to ignore

sometimes I stop and enjoy the view
a little longer than I'm supposed to
sometimes it's simply too hard to ignore
sometimes I'm not who you think I am
I really want to be who you hoped for
sometimes it's simply too hard to ignore
both long to explore a little more
than what the here and now can bring
can't resist a view as sexy as this
and with just one kiss maybe I'll give in
maybe I'll............change my mind

sometimes I say to myself you fool
why would you risk all
that we have worked for
sometimes it's simply too hard to ignore
sometimes I find I can't resist
this kind of passion
this strong connection
sometimes I find I'm human after all
still so vulnerable I can't resist
a view as sexy as this
and with just one kiss maybe I'll give in
maybe I'll..............change my mind

typical gemini always wondering why
I'm never satisfied
sometimes I say to myself you fool
why would you risk all
that we have worked for
sometimes it's simply too hard to ign…

high numbers

Don't know what's more shocking
the high number of my visa bill
or the high number of my blood pressure
need to get the numbers down
too damn high for my health
too damn high for my wealth
need to be a man
who is healthy, wealthy and wise
but more importantly
need to be a man
who is alive


February the month of love
February the shortest month of the year
never enough time to love
to be with the ones we love
to stop and think about
how much a little love can do
wish I knew
why so few realize
the great capacity they have
to spread love around this great barren land
we leave it up to the poets of the world
to express what little is left
in the near-empty, down-trodden hearts
of those who've grown tired
of living in a world gone cold
feeling they've become too old
to get caught up in the sentimentality
perhaps I too hardened a little when it came to
letting love shine through
when the worst thing one could do
was show their feelings
at the same time
the best thing too

Love, It's Love

it's the weekend
and what do I need
more than anything
love, it's love
love is what I need
to stop feeling
like I'm dying inside
just outside the station
things looking a little bleak
rust, graffiti, the land recycling forgot
the weekend upon me
you four hours away
soon to be two weeks away
but then again
that's not dwelling on the joy
which at the heart of love
always abounds
what I need to rediscover
in the arms of you my lover
more than anything
I need to feel love
love, it's love
love is what I need

hard to know these days

hard to know these days
who and what folk are into
clues available to the naked eye
what folk choose to show us
rarely reveal the juicy bits inside
longing to experience
another part of me
hard to know these days
who I need to be
to get noticed in this town
hard to get to know
the softer side
the more luxurious ride
dare not explore
for fear of not being adored
or even worse, ignored
something to be said for certainty
in this day and age sure enough
we need to know
we are infinitely loved
for who we are

the skin deep

turn on the computer
check the messages
nothing urgent
an occasional 'woof'
or 'hey u r hot'
too bad you got a bf
turn it on to see
if anyone new is into me
reaching new lows
in the pursuit of vanity
don't need anyone
to tell me I'm sexy
anyone who is able
to look beyond the skin deep
knows already
that which is invisible
to the naked eye
is the stuff
that's really worth getting to know

the kaleidoscope world

how does nothing
become one more thing
become everything
it all starts with a new point of view
where there was nothing left to do
hibernation don't do much
to make the world a better place
here in the comfort of my east side pad
easy to simply exist and be just plain sad
city pulse just outside my grasp
reach out and catch sight
of the vibrancy
that once was always there for the taking
lately it's breaking my heart
my willingness to reach out and grab it
getting lost in these humdrum days
if I do one more thing
let it be something frivolous
something just for me
something full of vibrancy
to take away the grey
the kaleidoscope world
just a dream away


and I hate it
I fuckin' hate it
emotional reject
too often fail to connect
there I am at the climax of the tearjerker
holding it all in
or confused about what all the tears are for
there's the door
keep on walking through
'cause it's the easiest thing to do
feel this wave of sadness wash over me
as my daughter tells me to go
I realize I'm not such an emotional cripple
still get wounded
by situations beyond my control
scared things will go
too far into the sea of blue
where the sun shines
too blind to see the beauty all around
caught up in a game
where I play by another's rules
fucking hate not being able to get caught up in the joy
'cause I'm 'feelin' sorry for myself' blue boy
then pretend I feel nothing at all
as I come to terms with being rejected
where are you when I need to feel protected
want to get closer but can't
life's pulled the plug and here I am again

look up

when you find
just what you're looking for
that's when you find
you need not look any further
all you need do
is look up and be thankful
someone's watching over you