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nephew says to me
why are you so fat
it's my body
like I like it
it's a compliment
yet these words
in a checkout line
could make a lady on a diet
break down and cry
what would he say
in the face of the truly obese
through the eyes of a two-year-old
big equals fat

life is good

something good
about the low-key way
I'm celebrating this day
not getting too much done
just enough
able to feel the love
love of my country
just enough
patriotism and Canadiana
to make it feel
like Canada Day
love where I live
the country I live in too
the west-coast summer vibe
doing this body good
here in the quiet part of town
away from the thronging masses
hardly able to contain their excitement
moments away from the fireworks
just can't celebrate that way
on my own but not lonely
sun-kissed and heaven-blessed
looking out the bay window
watching the trees sway
gently back and forth
here in the great white north
life is good

what's your name?

want a nap
want to take on the world
fly away to exotic destinations
eyes closed, mind free
I can go if I want to
feel the rhythm, believe
there is time
to get to where I want to go
at any given time
at this very moment
contemplating some alternate reality
am I destined to be somebody
or destined to remain the same
ever-changing, constantly morphing
in the distance hear my son
in a tribal beat say
what's your name, what's your name
what's your name, what's your name, what's your name?