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kids act up

kids act up
parents start to feel
like they need to diffuse the situation
no need to apologize
for your little bundle of joy
your perfect princess
your rebellious little boy
is just interacting with the world
exploring the unknown
developing a personality
something society in adulthood
does its best to stamp out
the freedom to express
feelings in new exciting ways
these are the days I miss
but they're always there
a shining example
of how to live life carefree
in the eyes of a child
everyday life plays out magically

deep baby blues

stare into the face
of decadence
and you're sure to succumb to its charm
stare into the face
of all your fears
into the eyes of a passing stranger
whose eyes search
in the way yours do
deep baby blues
long to see the world
long to be explored
look away from the intensity
for fear they'll see too much
want to be seen for who we are
why do we look away
fear the intensity
rue the day
the floodgates opened
the love came rushing in
the day we let the intensity take over
can't it always stay that way
few take time to rekindle the flame
let it flicker and die
'til they're never the same
'til they rue the day
someone saw them as they truly are
then they look away
but you know it's true
I'd give anything
to gaze one more time into
those deep baby blues