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a body at rest in constant motion

growing out of some things
growing into others
a body at rest
has a tendency to do
its share of growing
in an indoor world
with not a lot to do
too many early mornings
doing my head in
for I love nothing more
than lying in and lounging
it's no secret
too many of those
how did I come to be
one so good at keeping them
how did I come to be
a body at rest
in constant motion


ask and you shall receive
good things happen
if you believe you're worthy
of the good things life provides
set aside a little extra time
each and every day
to show the ones you love
what great blessings they are
raise the bar demand more
if you feel like
there's something missing
if you feel like
you deserve better
there's no other explanation
but for one
you simply feel that way
'cause you definitely do

here in the doctor's office

October 8th

when you're not sick
is a doctor's office
the best place to be
probably not
could being early
for my appointment
be hazardous to my health
hopefully not
close to a mom and daughter
daughter trying to quell
mom's concerns
when you get to that age
that certain age
being a hypochondriac
can do more harm than good
we really should
take better care of ourselves
for as they say
only the strongest survive
just like viruses these days
getting stronger all the time
and as they do
so do our fears
hoping we'll be the lucky ones
remain unscathed throughout the years
but let's get back to today
here in the doctor's office
when I'd much rather be somewhere else
somewhere the prognosis is always good
we can all use
a little more good news these days
especially here in the doctor's office
fighting off this cloud of malaise