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goodbye to old traditions

I try to focus
on all that's good
in my life
and when I'm not alone
it all comes
so clearly into view
today is Christmas
presents wrapped
fake fire burning on the TV
classic christmas tunes
on the stereo
but it just isn't
like it used to be
I understand why
people feel so alone
at this time of year
I know that trying
to recapture that Christmas feeling
is just hanging on
to old traditions that no longer exist
time to create new ones
so I can remember
what it feels like
to be filled with joy
during this joyous time of year

the great divide

can't be as close to you as I'd like to
so I pull away
hurts too much to say
I'm the dad you never had
never given the time
to share the good with the bad
makes me feel sad
I'll never quite measure up
in the eyes of some
I'm not capable
of being there for more
than just a little fun
am I really so irresponsible
am I really so unworthy
of having something to call my own
at times like these
feel so alone so sorry for myself
when I'm powerless
to the things I cannot change
cannot fill the void
part of me is shattered
completely destroyed
do my best not to let it show
so the great divide
doesn't get any wider
do my best not to pull away
remind myself I factor in
as some part of this glorious equation
know eventually the frustration
it will subside
one day far in the future
the love will be the one thing
that holds it all together
the great divide
no longer felt
no matter how far apart we are