let the music play

the day the piano went
came home and it was gone
tickled those ivories
so feverently in my youth
amazed at the magic my fingers could make
in the magestic richness of the sound
full of the passion for music my mom held
seems it had to go
to make room for what
I do not know
how hard mom worked all those years ago
saved her pennies 'til one day
she'd saved enough to buy it
paid for her own lessons
born to parents who believed
it simply wasn't a worthwhile pursuit
for a girl of 17 with work to do
sad but true
she had to get her dream stepped on
that it didn't come to her naturally
somehow the dream
the dream to make that piano sing
through the chords and arpeggios I played
that dream it did ring true in her son
rang true for years
until one day the notes
came not from the page
but rather feelings needing to be expressed
an imagination with a story to tell
the piano is gone but somehow
it represents so much more
than quality craftsmanship
of a bygone day
needless to say
it's a big part of the part of me
that longs to show the world
how good life can be
when we let the music play


Boy I know how it feels to have a major chapter in your life close. What a welcome to the new year!


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